Thursday, May 30, 2024

Tamiya TA07RR On-Road Touring Car

Take a look at Tamiya’s new space ship! Tamiya once again get’s the award for most creative with the release of the new TA07RR. This exciting new 1/10 on-road touring car is loaded with option parts with performance in mind. The Tamiya TA07 has been a popular racing machine on the TCS circuit, but this new version should get just about any on-road enthusiasts attention.

Features Include:
-TRF super short big bore damper (4)
-TRF420 steel front direct cup set
-Stabile end integrated 5mm adjuster (4 pieces)
-TRF420 steel front direct cup set
-TA07 carbon damper bracket set (for TRF-SSBB)
-TA07 aluminum steering arm set
-TA07 adjustable Ackerman set
-TRF-SSBB upgrade for damper set
-Carbon front middle stiffener
-Aluminum stiffener mount
-Aluminum servo mount
-Carbon reinforced A parts (bulkhead)
-Aluminum adjustable suspension mount
-TRF419 suspension upgrade set
-TRF420 front direct pulley (37T)
-TRF420 gear differential set
-TRF420 front axle
-Double Drive shaft for cardan (42 sizes, 2)

For More Information, Visit: Tamiya

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