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Tamiya’s Best 2wd Beginner Buggies

Many of the crew members behind RC Driver started in RC thanks to a Tamiya vehicle. During a discussion about our start to the hobby, one general commonality between all of us was the buggy was 2WD, some started with a Falcon, Grasshopper and a Hornet. These fun looking off-road machines were more than just a radio control toy, they were an achievment after building the kit and then maintaining the model as we enjoyed driving the cars. We often suggest to noobs in the hobby that they start with a Tamiya kit if they are looking for something fun to drive and more importantly build so they can get a grasp on the mechanics. So rather than just throw out random beginner buggies names, we’ve decided to suggest some of our current favorite Tamiya kits in case you’re looking to jump into the hobby or are just looking for something fun to build.

The Grasshopper II (2017)

The Grasshopper II is one of Tamiya’s iconic radio control car kits from the late 1980’s and one that we enjoyed building up, see the video HERE. The buggy was an enhanced follow up release to the original Grasshopper kit. This 2017 kit features a number of updates while keeping largely faithful to the original model like its tub style chassis and solid rear axle assembly. Its streamlined construction process makes this kit perfect for less experienced users and R/C veterans alike, while separately sold option parts can be used to enhance the model.
ITEM# 58643

RC Racing Fighter – DT03

DT-03 Chassis at a glance:
Looking for something with a bit more of a racing look and attitude? Then take a look a the Racing Fighter. The sleek buggy body is mounted on the fun and easy to build DT-03 chassis platform. Intended as an easy-to-get-started model to encourage young drivers to enter the world of R/C, its intuitive yet tough design allows hassle-free assembly and gives less experienced users the opportunity to get comfortable with an RC model. The cool slim-line form of this chassis stems from its lightweight yet durable monocoque frame, which features a longitudinally-positioned battery and the electronics along the centerline for excellent balance. The combination of a long 287mm wheelbase and 4-wheel double wishbone suspension married to CVA oil dampers with long arms, allows the model to handle with stability on poor surfaces. Ribbed front and square spike rear tires provide ample grip, and the rear-positioned gearbox is sealed to protect from dust and dirt, with the built-in differential gear offering smooth cornering.
ITEM# 58628

RC Neo Fighter Buggy – DT03

The Neo Fighter Buggy is another one of our favorite buggies. This machine is based oof the newly developed and easy to build DT-03 chassis platform. Intended as an easy-to-get-started model to encourage young drivers to enter the world of RC, it features independant suspension, simple steering assembly, multi-gear transmission and treaded tires to grip all types of terrain. Although its design is simple, it will deliver on the fun in your backyard.
ITEM# 58587

RC Novafox

This is an updated RC model of the original FOX off-road buggy originally released in 1985 which helped get so many drivers into the hobby. The 2013 edition is named Novafox and it retains the dust and dirt resistance features of the original while employing dog-bone type rear drive-shafts to provide the vehicle enhanced reliability. On this model, you still get its signature mono-shock front suspension set-up. Independant suspension in the rear. The gold chrome wheels look as stylish as ever and they are wrapped in the classic FOX treads. The name has changed, but the look is all there wheather you want to relive driving your first RC or want to get into RC with something different today!
ITEM# 58577

Wild One Off-Roader

This may be one of our most favorite rerelease kits today. The Wild One was originally released in 1985 and 2012 marks the year it has been re-released to hobbyists who missed the kit the first time around. This dynamic looking buggy carries a true scale off-road look from its cage to the metal shocks and nerf bars on the sides. The swinging independanct suspension arms soak up bumps and give the buggy a unique driving feel. We really dig the detail of the machine right down to the driver figure. If you want some true vintage RC fun, then the Wild One should be your next build.
ITEM# 58525

Blitzer Beetle 2011

This is a favorite, the re-release version of the Blitzer Beetle RC assembly kit. It was inspired by the exciting off-road desert racer designs seen in the United States. This tough looking desert buggy features indepenant suspension with fixed links to make building and maintenance easier. The tub chassis has ample room for electronics and fits most battery styles. The multi-gear transmission features a differential to help lay down the power in the corners. The bug body features mirrors, windows and a driver figure. Laying down the traction are some of Tamiya’s signature tires.
ITEM# 58502

Holiday Buggy 2010 – DT02

The Holiday Buggy now comes mounted on the DT-02 chassis which has its battery pack loaded in the center of the bathtub frame and has excellent handling performance even on rough surfaces. Although the chassis doesn’t look at all like the original Holiday Buggy, the body does right down to the cowboy driver figure. The buggy is fun to build and very easy to learn how to drive with. Hit the sand, dirt or rocks, the Holiday buggy will deliver on the action!
ITEM# 58470

Rising Fighter

The all terrain 2WD Rising Fighter inherits all its great qualities and excellent performance from its predecessors The Hornet (Item 58336) and The Grasshopper (Item 58346) and also uses a similar body to that of other fighter series R/C cars. The friction shocks and single rear axle assembly give this buggy a fun attitude when driving it on rough surfaces. This kit is simple to build and an all around great machine for beginners.
ITEM# 58416

Mad Bull

Here is a rugged 1/10 buggy for fun backyard bashing. The Mad Bug has chunky lug pattern tires for traction and its bright yellow wheels are mated to simple but reliable chassis components, taking form as the”Mad Bull” off-road racing buggy. Long throw coil spring shock units are factory assembled damp independant suspension in the front and a single rear axle. The sleek body coupled with the monster truck like tires give the Mad Bull a unique look that will certainly turn the heads of your RC buddies.
ITEM# 58205



Tamiya’s offerings seem endless, but we hope we gave you some insight on their best 2wd offerings that will get any beginner into the hobby successfully. If you want to check out more from Tamiya, search through our articles and videos or give Tamiya’s new website a visit HERE


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