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Tekin Servo Overview – RCD Today Blog 10-23-18

We’ve had our Team Tekin servos for a while, just waiting for the right project to put them in. Today we’ve decided to start working on our Team Associated B64 Club Racer to get it ready for indoor season. The buggy hasn’t been used since we tested it, but it’s time to get it going again and we’re starting off with upgrading the stock servo. The stock servo held up fine for us, but we’re going to need something a bit quicker, more precise and something that will be durable enough for the abuse of indoor turf racing. For electronics that fit all of those requirements, we turn to Tekin. Servos are a realitively new product for Tekin, but knowing how the company works, these servos were built to precision standards. Let’s take a closer look.

First up, let’s take a look at how these servos arrive. The packaging for these precision components needs to be discussed. Some jewlery doesn’t come in as nice of a package as these servos. The box let’s you know you bought something worth while. Inside the servo is set in foam and there is an instruction sheet and servo support parts under the upper three dot cover. An aluminum servo horn comes with each servo and is pinned to the foam.

You can certainly see the servos amazing quality when you pull it from the package. The servo cases are all aluminum and anodized in three different colors that represent Tekin branding. The Tekin triple dot logo is etched on the top and the servo type is etched on the side along with the Tekin name. Extending from the case is an almost all black servo lead, just the right length for racing use. The signal wire has a thin white stripe on it to help identify how the wire is plugged into the receiver. Inside the case are all metal gears and ball bearings where necessary.

Some of the big features of these servos include a Digital Magnetic Position Encoder rather than a standard potentiometer making the servos accurate, linear and consistent. The precise linear movement through the entire motion range with less than .2 degrees of deviation from start point to end point make for pinpoint accuracy whereas other servos can tend to wander. They also have consistent performance and unlike potentiometer servos that drift because of heat, age and component quality. The Tekin DPE servo offers repeatable and consistent performance without constant tweaking. Tekin Servos let you set the center point anywhere, and servo travel limits can be set without changing the end point adjustments. Tekin servos can be programmed to travel over 360°, up to five rotations in each direction. Topping it all off, they carry the Tekin Element Proof design, to handle water, mud & snow.

Tekin offers a number of servo types for all different applications. We have the T-250 Speed servo to test in an application such as an E-Buggy steering servo slot and we have the T180 low profile servo which we’ll be installing in our B64. It’s a great servo for 1/10 applications and we’re excited to see how it performs.

For More Information, Visit Team Tekin: HERE

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