Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Save Big on Ten80 Race Rail Systems!


Ten80 has taken over production of the best portable RC racetrack for indoor and outdoor use. The new Ten80 Race Rail System is a professional-quality, lightweight RC competition track that is both portable and durable.
Though National STEM League teams may use tape or PVC piping to make tracks, this system is a great option for organizations that hope to host local or regional competitions at one location or at rotating venues. The Ten80 Race Rail System allows you to create your own race course using modular race rails and domes.

Features – 
• Measures 6 linear feet for each rail section.
• Creates 10 linear feet by connecting two rails (overlap is 1 ft.).
• Creates 12 linear feet by connecting two rails using a dome.
• Creates corners and intersections by connecting rails to domes.
• Creates a barrier wall by doubling up rails as shown above.

Most Ten80 Racing Challenge road course tracks, oval tracks, drag strips
and Rover Challenge mazes can be built with a medium system. Some
smaller racetracks, rover mazes and drag strips can be built with a small
system. The large system allows you to create any track and double up
rails to create jump barriers.

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