Thursday, July 25, 2024

Testors Craft Color Shift Sprays for RC Hard Bodies

Testors Craft Color Shift is a durable paint that offers premium coverage on a variety of surfaces. It comes in four amazing colors plus a black base coat. After just two coats, the color changing will be apparent in your project. Apply the colors over the black base coat for the most vibrant results. The formulation is safe for both indoor and outdoor use. Testors Craft Color Shift aerosols contain pigments that change color depending on the light or angle. So move your creation around to see a kaleidoscope of rich colors!

With Color Shift, add a color changing effect to your radio control hard bodies and more. With Testors Craft, the creative possibilities are endless. You can find Testors Craft Color Shift aerosols at Michael’s and on Amazon.com.Testors craft color

LINK: Testors

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