Friday, July 19, 2024

The Xtreme RC Racing Car Stand – A Perfect Match For The HPI E10 2014 Ford Mustang


A short while back I picked up an E10 2014 Ford Mustang from HPI Racing. This green beauty looks absolutely flawless, performs well and is delivered with a battery pack and even “AA” batteries for the transmitter. I posted a few pics of this ride on the RCD Facebook page and it seemed to grab the attention of my pal Bruce Sayre over at Xtreme RC Racing. That said, a few weeks later, he sent me one of his cool car stands made from G10 fiberglass in the same color green as my E10 2014 Ford Mustang. This immediately put a smile on my face. As for the stand, it is usually available in carbon fiber or orange G10 fibergalss and is delivered assembled in five flat pieces that easily fit together and two foam anti-slip strips. Once together, I put a few drops of CA-type glue at a few strategic locations on the underside of the stand to make sure it would not pop apart.

Now, when I’m not wheeling the E10 2014 Ford Mustang, I have the perfect stand for it while I’m either working on it or when it sits on the shelf.


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