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Top 5 Pro-Line Accessories for Rock Crawlers


Rock Crawlers have carved out a distinct segment in the RC universe since they are so unlike all other RC vehicles. Crawlers have incredible performance where they can travel over obstacles that other vehicles would not even attempt. This trait bestows to you, the driver, a very challenging yet super fun time behind the wheel. Typically, RC vehicles with a lot of performance do not also have a high level of scale realism. This is definitely not the case with rock crawlers. Since they do not travel at high speeds, you can customize them with many cool scale accessories to make them look more realistic and not worry about a nasty high speed crash that could ruin all your scale work. Pro-Line Racing is a go-to manufacturer for aftermarket RC parts, including all kinds for rock crawlers. For this article we will just focus on the Pro-Line parts that have to do with the rock crawler body. Here are our picks for the top 5 Pro-Line accessories for rock crawlers.

Top 5 Pro-Line Accessories for Rock Crawlers

1 — 1978 Chevy K-10 Clear Body; 3522-00

Top 5 Pro-Line Accessories for Rock Crawlers
Our first pick in our list of the top 5 Pro-Line accessories for rock crawlers has to be the old-school 1978 Chevy K-10 body. The retro styling of the cab makes it look like the kind of full-size crawler you would find being built in a person’s garage. We also really like this body because it comes in two pieces; the cab section and the bed section. For the purposes of building up a scale crawler, we would just use the cab and scrap the bed section. Pro-Line carefully sculpted this body to faithfully recreate the lines and squared off look of the iconic ’78 K-10. Although the body comes clear, Pro-Line hooks you up with window mask and overspray film to making the painting step easier. And to complete its look, there is a detailed sticker sheet included with the body.

This is a fully Licensed 1978 Chevrolet K-10 Style pick-up.

2 — Classic Interior; 3495-00

Top 5 Pro-Line Accessories for Rock Crawlers
The goal for a scale Rock Crawler is realism and adding an interior is a great step in that direction. So, when you are painting the body, make sure you use the window masks so that the windows end up clear. Then you can install the Pro-Line Classic Interior and it will be clearly visible. It is made from crystal clear polycarbonate so that you can paint it to match the color scheme you chose for the body. It measures 8.5” L x 7.8” W x 2.0” H, so that it can fit in a variety of different bodies.

Pro-Line designed the interior to have the classic bench style front seat, door panels and dash that matches the trucks built in the 70’s. There is also a scale decal sheet to bring the interior to life. To finish off the interior, all you need to add is a steering wheel and then install it into the body using double-sided tape.

3 — Back-Half Cage; 6322-00

Top 5 Pro-Line Accessories for Rock Crawlers
As you recall, we mentioned that we would only use the cab of the Pro-Line 1978 Chevy K-10 body and not the bed. Here is the reason. Replace the bed with the Pro-Line Back-Half Cage. It is made of extremely durable black Nylon that can handle those inevitable rollovers that happen when crawling. With closer look, you can see that the cage was created to mimic a full-size custom welded tube back-half cage. It comes as a kit along with metric hardware. Once it is assembled, it gets bolted onto the back of the cab.

The addition of the Back-Half Cage will dramatically change the look of your crawler especially with the extra features that Pro-Line built into it. At the rear of the cage is a spot to mount a spare wheel and tire as well as a rack to mount scale accessories. Found in the center of the cage is a molded gas tank that also acts as a spot for where you can add body post holes for securing it to the chassis.

4 — Overland Scale Roof Rack; 6278-00

For us, it only makes sense to go full out and add a roof rack to a scale rock crawler build. Pro-Line has an awesome option in their Overland Scale Roof Rack. It comes with mounts to make it easy to mount on either flat or curved roofs. Like the Back-Half Cage, it is constructed from durable black Nylon. Top 5 Pro-Line Accessories for Rock CrawlersThe rack features many openings in the bottom so you have numerous spots for straps and ties so that you can secure other scale accessories. To bring this roof rack to another level, you have the option of purchasing the 2” and 4” Pro-Line Super-Bright LED Light Bars and install them onto the rack. Pro-Line designed the Overland Roof Rack to cleanly integrate with the LED Light Bars where the 2” Light Bar (#6276-00) mounts at the rear and the 4” Light Bar (#6276-01) mounts up front.

5 — Universal LED Headlight & Tail Light Kit; 6317-00

Top 5 Pro-Line Accessories for Rock Crawlers
Following the Roof Rack with the integrated LED Light Bars, a great final pick for our top 5 Pro-Line accessories a for a scale rock crawler is the Pro-Line Universal LED Headlight and Tail Light Kit. The Pro-Line 1978 Chevy K-10 body that we picked has the perfect front end that just begs to have the lights function. This light kit is the way to make it happen. The kit comes with 4 LED Light Bulbs (2 white for head lights and 2 red for tail lights). Five different sets of optional front and rear light buckets are included and will work with most bodies and rock crawler builds. Pro-Line has the light kit already pre-wired for you so you can plug them directly into your receiver for power. Since we picked the Back-Half Cage, you can use a bit of creativity and mount the taillights onto the cage utilizing the included light buckets.

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