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Top 5 Pro-Line Products to upgrade the Vaterra Ascender


The Vaterra Ascender rock crawler has been around for several years now and is a popular truck with off-road enthusiasts. It is a capable trail truck which has been released in a few different versions featuring different bodies like the Ford Bronco being shown here. With the multitude of Ascender trucks that are out there, we put together this Top 5 Pro-Line Products upgrade list just for you. We compiled the list with the vision of either adding all five of these Pro-Line products to make the Ascender fully customized or you can install just the ones that work best with your rig.

Top 5 Pro-Line Products to upgrade the Vaterra Ascender


1.) Pro-Line 1946 Dodge Power Wagon—3499-00

Top 5 Pro-Line Products to upgrade the Vaterra Ascender

At the top of our Top 5 Pro-Line Products upgrade list is the great-looking Pro-Line 1946 Dodge Power Wagon body that is incredibly well detailed with killer old school styling. It is modeled after the first generation Power Wagon complete with its iconic front end. Including the huge flat panel style fender flares, large round headlight buckets and aggressive looking flat front grill. (The round headlight buckets allow you to install LED’s.)

Other details include textured rocker panels with realistic undercuts. Pro-Line designed the Power Wagon body in two pieces—one for the cab and one for the bed. This allows you to build the Power Wagon as a complete truck or leave off the bed so you can install a custom bed. This body will make your Vaterra Ascender stand out from all the others.

Top 5 Pro-Line Products to upgrade the Vaterra Ascender
Molded separate Cab and Bed for ultra-realism.


2.) Pro-Line 4″ LED Light Bar Kit—6276-01

Top 5 Pro-Line Products to upgrade the Vaterra Ascender

If you decide to add lights to the Ascender and you are getting yourself the Pro-Line Dodge Power Wagon body, this Pro-Line 4” LED Light Bar Kit will nicely fit on the roof. Keep in mind that you can also add LED lights to the light buckets on the Power Wagon body. If using the stock body, this light bar or one of the other size light bars from Pro-Line will fit.

The Pro-Line 4” LED Light bar comes with 20 LED light bulbs pre-wired with a 12-inch long wire that can be plugged directly into the receiver for power. Since the lights are rated for 6V to 12V power, you can also plug them directly into a 3S LiPo power source to make the LED’s super bright. You don’t have to worry about durability because the housing of the light bar is constructed of tough black nylon. Included with the Light Bar are the mounts and hardware you need to install it onto your Ascender.


3.) Pro-Line Ridge-Line High-Clearance Crawler Front Bumper—6341-00

Top 5 Pro-Line Products to upgrade the Vaterra Ascender

We really like the versatility of the Pro-Line Ridge-Line High-Clearance Crawler Front Bumper. You can either run this bumper with the included molded winch fairlead or you can swap it out and drop in the Pro-Line 2” Super-Bright LED Light Bar (6276-00). Additionally, this bumper comes with a separate push bar that can be installed depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Pro-Line designed the Ridge-Line bumper to achieve the highest front bumper clearance that is possible while still maintaining a realistic look. It has a small compact design that is only 4-inches wide. D-Ring shackles are attached on either side of the winch fairlead opening. Pro-Line ensured that the bumper will bolt right onto the Ascender chassis for a no fuss installation.


4.) Pro-Line Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks—6316-02

Top 5 Pro-Line Products to upgrade the Vaterra Ascender

Get the best of both worlds for your Vaterra Ascender with these Pro-Line Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks. They will give your crawler added scale looks as well as improved off-road performance. They are sold in pairs and come out of the box almost fully assembled with all you need to do is add the shock oil of your choice and install them onto the chassis.

These Pro-Line Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks have beautifully CNC machined shock caps, shock collars, bodies and bottom caps. The caps collars and bottom caps have a great-looking blue anodized finish while the bodies are anodized a bright chrome color. In order to make the shocks operate as smoothly as possible with low friction and no leaks, Pro-Line manufactured the Pro-Spec shocks with exacting tolerances and utilized hard chrome coated steel shock shafts and X-Ring seals. Rounding out this shock package are realistic looking and performance dual rate springs.


5.) Pro-Line Interco Bogger 1.9″ G8 Rock Terrain Tires Mounted—10133-10

Top 5 Pro-Line Products to upgrade the Vaterra Ascender

The last of the Top 5 Pro-Line Products are some new rollers for the Ascender. We are a big fan of pre-mounted tires because of the convenience factor. There is the piece of mind that they are properly glued at the factory. And they won’t have those unsightly tire glue run marks on the outside of the tire. It is even easier to choose pre-mounted tires when the included wheels have a great scale look. This is why we picked the Pro-Line Interco Bogger 1.9″ G8 Rock Terrain pre-mounted tires.

Top 5 Pro-Line Products to upgrade the Vaterra Ascender
Directional Tread Pattern with the Patented Interco® TSL (three stage lug) Design

Along with having the Interco Bogger 1.9″ G8 Rock Terrain tires already mounted for you, these tires are massive at 5.4-inches tall to give the Ascender more ground clearance as well as a more aggressive appearance. These tires are perfect for mud bogging or if you just like having the look of these officially licensed Interco tires. They come complete with the patented three stage lug pattern. Pro-Line molds these tires in their legendary G8 compound for exemplary off-road performance.

Pro-Line selected its black Impulse wheels to mount the Interco Bogger tires onto. They definitely look the rock crawling part. They are molded to look like they are real bead-loc wheels complete with the bead-loc ring and lug nuts for a scale appearance. These 12mm hex wheels also feature a super easy to use design that only require six screws per wheel to mount the tires. This is thanks to Pro-Line’s clever 3-piece wheel design. The rear of the Impulse wheels can accept Pro-Line’s brass brake rotor weights that are functional and look cool.


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