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Top 5 scale accessories from Pro-Line


The racing and competitive side of RC is definitely a big part of the hobby however the scale side has a giant following as well. People are building and customizing their vehicles to be ultra-realistic so that they are as scale-looking as possible. You will find people driving all types of vehicles that appear to be scaled down, super accurate representations of the real thing. One of the cool aspects of all these scale vehicles is that they are also very capable and have excellent performance. They are not shelf queens, but vehicles that are driven and enjoyed. The biggest part of the scale segment are the off-road trail trucks, so we decided to show you our picks of the top 5 scale accessories from Pro-Line for these vehicles.

Top 5 scale accessories from Pro-Line

1) Rock Shooter 1.9″ Aluminum Composite Internal Bead-Loc Wheels | 2781-00

There are plenty of chrome and metal plated plastic wheels out there, but there is no substitute to the look and feel of real aluminum wheels. That is why we picked the Pro-Line Rock Shooter 1.9” Aluminum Composite Internal Bead-Loc Wheels as one of our top five scale accessories. They are a great combination of the scale look of aluminum wheels with the convenience and functionality of Pro-Line’s unique 3-piece plastic composite internal bead-loc design.

Top 5 scale accessories from Pro-Line
3-piece Wheel Design fits Pro-Line’s 1.9″ Crawling Tires


Mounting tires onto these wheels is made to be super easy with only requiring 6 screws per wheel thanks to the special 3-piece design. Any of the tires from Pro-Line’s long list of 1.9” crawling tires will precisely fit onto the Rock Shooters. The overall wheel width and wheel offset are the same as Pro-Line’s Impulse 1.9″ plastic Wheels, so you know they will fit your truck and look good doing it. The face of the Rock Shooter has been beautifully CNC machined here in the USA and features a great looking 12-hole design like you would see on a full size truck. They are designed to work with 1/10-scale rock crawlers with 12mm hexes.



2) Back-Half Cage | 6322-00

Top 5 scale accessories from Pro-Line
Made from Durable Black Nylon


We love the look of an exposed rear cage on a rock crawler and it is a great way to dramatically change the appearance of a stock crawler and this made it our number 2 pick of top 5 scale accessories. The Pro-Line Back-Half Cage is a great choice to complete this modification whether it be on a Traxxas TRX-4, HPI Venture, Vaterra Ascender or Axial SCX10 II. All you need is one of the Pro-Line cab only crawler bodies.

The cage itself is made from extremely durable black Nylon and molded to look like a full size custom welded tube cage. If you take a close look, you will see a molded in gas tank which not only adds some nice scale detail but also serves as a spot where you can add holes for the body posts. Along with the fuel tank there is a spot to mount a spare wheel/tire and a rack to secure other scale accessories. Pro-Line includes all the metric hardware need to assemble the cage and once mated to a cab of the truck, your ride will be totally transformed.


3) Ridge-Line High-Clearance Crawler Front Bumper | 6341-00

Top 5 scale accessories from Pro-Line

Here is the Pro-Line Ridge-Line High-Clearance Crawler Front Bumper which found its way onto our top 5 scale accessories list because of its versatility. The Ridge-Line bumper was designed to be narrow and to mount as close to the front of the chassis as possible to give you the highest ground clearance possible while still maintaining a scale look. It was built to work with either the Axial SCX10, Axial SCX10 II, Traxxas TRX-4 and Vaterra Ascender.

Here is where the versatility comes in. Pro-Line made it possible to run the included molded winch fairlead inside the bumper or take it out and install the Pro-Line 2” Super-Bright LED Light Bar (sold separately) for an integrated bumper light. On top of that, Pro-Line made it possible to run the Push Bar or leave it off for a cleaner look. On the face of the bumper are D-ring shackles to complete its scale look.



4) Overland Scale Roof Rack | 6278-00

Top 5 scale accessories from Pro-Line

Similar to the Ridge-Line bumper, the Pro-Line Overland Scale Roof Rack offers some nice adaptability. First off, you can obviously use the roof rack to add scale accessories to your rig and it is designed so that you can mount Pro-Line’s 6276-00 2” LED Light Bar and 6276-01 4” LED Light Bars. Durable black Nylon material was used to mold the two-piece tubular roof rack and it includes hemispherical roof rack mounts. These mounts make it possible to mount the rack on roofs that are not perfectly flat or onto a cage. You will also notice that the rack is equipped with numerous openings covering the bottom of the rack so that you can attach ties and straps to secure your scale accessories.

With the Overland Roof Rack you have the option to purchase the Pro-Line 2” (6276-00) and/or the 4” (6276-01) LED Light Bar which will mount directly onto the rack. Mounts are included for each of the LED light bars so that the 4” bar can be attached at the front of the rack which will illuminate the ground ahead of your rig and the 2” light bar is mounted at the rear of the rack with the light facing rearward.



5) 4″ Super-Bright LED Light Bar Kit | 6276-01 AND 2″ Super-Bright LED Light Bar Kit | 6276-00

Rounding out our list of the top 5 scale accessories are the Pro-Line Super-Bright LED Light Bar Kits. Here we selected both the 4” and 2” long light bars since they integrate with the Roof Rack and Ridge-Line bumper that we mentioned in this article. Each light bar comes pre-wired with a 12” long cable that you can either plug directly into your receiver for power or directly into a 3S LiPo. The lights are rated for 6V to 12V power and if you want the LEDs to be as bright as possible, plug them into a 3S LiPo instead of into the receiver. The 4″ Light Bar comes with 20 LED light bulbs and the 2” comes with 10 LEDs.

A sturdy black Nylon housing branded with a P-L logo securely holds the LEDs in place. Pro-Line gives you mounts and hardware so that you can custom install the light bars on your vehicle whether it be a rock crawler, monster truck or whatever vehicle you have. As mentioned earlier, the 4” LED Light Bar has also been designed to mount directly to the 6278-00 Overland Scale Roof Rack for an integrated scale appearance. For the 2” LED Light Bar, it will mount on the rear of the Overland Scale Roof Rack or into the Ridge-Line scale bumper. These light bars are great additions to off-road trail trucks and work perfectly for night crawling.



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