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Traxxas TRX-4 2021 Ford Bronco First Look

Talk about a head turner! Traxxas has gone pro level with the scale detail on their new 2021 Ford Bronco TRX-4. Traxxas worked closely with Ford to recreate the 2021 body, bumpers and wheels with extreme accuracy. The result is a body that will be incredible on the trail as well as display in your workshop. This epic new body sits on top of one of the most popular rigs to ever touch rocks, the TRX-4. The platforms got a few tweaks with the new body which we’ll show you in our photo gallery below. But first, we want to share a few first impressions since we were able to get our hands on this new rig.

2021 Ford Bronco TRX-4
By: Traxxas
Kit Type: RTR 4WD Electric Scale Trail Crawler
Part Number: 92076-4
Price: $549.95
Buy: https://snp.link/34abb075
Visit: https://traxxas.com/products/landing/2021-bronco/

The new 2021 Bronco body is molded in Lexan and comes pre-painted in two colors, a deep rapid red and cyber yellow. The windows are clear which we love and the style is highlighted with decals for detail. Up front, the grill detail is phenomenal and the head-lights are spot on. A spare is mounted to the rear and the tail lights have red lenses. Inside there is an inner skeleton that braces the body and makes up the system that clips the body into the fender wells. No body clips!

Wheels & Bumpers
Glossy black scale wheels replicate the wheels that are on the 1:1 Bronco and stout bumpers are ready to push away brush on the trail with a skid for additional protection.

TRX-4 Platform
Under the body is the proven TRX-4 platform with portal axles, 2-speed transmission, locking differentials, aluminum shocks, metal links, metal frame rails and so much more. Changes we saw and like are the inclusion of a metal servo horn on the 2075X steering servo. The radio, esc and motor are included. Just add a Traxxas Power Cell battery and charger.

Wrap Up
At quick glance, the perfection of this RC body is going to lead to pure excitement on the trail. We like that its ready for the aftermarket drop in LED light kit which should really set off the look even more. Eliminating the body clips scored big points and its easy to get the body off by pushing tabs in the fender wells. Hopefully they work if they’re clogge with mud. That’s something we’ll try to test. The rest of the TRX-4 is proven and it’s pretty cool to see the servo upgrade in this kit making it a much more capable rig right out of the box. Make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel for the video review: http://bit.ly/SubToRCD


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