Thursday, June 20, 2024

Traxxas XRT Photo Gallery

Huge new RC truck alert! Traxxas has just launched the new XRT Ready To Race truck and this beast is perfect for those who like a performance oriented RC. This new basher is X-Maxx in size, just with a lower CG platform like a Sledge. It features the X-Maxx Wide suspensin arms, X-Maxx driveline and X-Maxx power system, but the rest is new, just X-Maxx like. We got one in house to check out and put together this photo gallery so you can see the details up close.

By: Traxxas
Part Number: 78086-4
Type: 4×4 Electric Off-Road Truck
Kit Type: RTR
Price: $NA
Buy: https://bit.ly/3Da8SMe
You’ll need: Two 4S Batteries and charger
Visit: https://traxxas.com/


The box the XRT arrives in is much like the X-Maxx, however instead of the suspension being zip-tied down, the wheels are removed for shipping. The truck is available in 4 colors so make sure you check out the side of the box when selecting your truck. Beyond the assembled and painted truck, you’ll find a TQi radio, speed gears, tools, decals and manuals.


A wild truggy-like body sits on top of the chassis. It uses underside clips like the Traxxas TRX4 Bronco to hold it down. It has an built-in skeleton for protection and even air vents for cooling.


At first glance the chassis may look like an X-Maxx, but it’s a new set-up for a lower CG. The battery trays fit the 6700mAh Traxxas 4S packs. There’s plenty of bracing and the bulky shock towers are super rigid.


If the suspension looks similar to the X-Maxx, it’s because it is. Well, it’s the WideMaxx X-Maxx suspension arms. There are new shorter big bore shocks, new caster blocks, new steering knuckles and rear hubs. The springs on the shocks are the stiffest Traxxas has ever made.


The driveline has been lifted from the X-Maxx as well. Huge diffs, metal gears, aluminum center shaft with new felt seals. There’s also sealed ball bearings, cush drive and CV-driveshafts.


The X=Maxx electronics have been carried over too. TQi radio, TSM equipped receiver, Velenion 8S ESC and 1200kv motor with a massive heatsink and two cooling fans.


The Traxxas XRT is looking like a beast and we’ve already put some run time in on it. Want to see more? Watch our video: HERE

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