Monday, April 22, 2024

Trinity D4 Spec and Modified Motors

Trinity D4 (1) copy The all-new D4 motors from Trinity are a jump in the evolution of the brushless motor. They are eight grams lighter than their predecessor, have a new stator design, have certified high-tempature pure copper wire, an original three-piece can design, easy to solder silver plated tabs for great conductivity, grade 5 bearings, NdFeb neodymium magnets and much more. Available in 13.5 and 17.5 spec winds that meet ROAR specs as well as modified winds. Trinity auctioned off one of the first prototypes of this motor on eBay, selling it for $500 to Ronnie Petty, making history as the most expensive bid for a brushless motor ever!  He recieved the prototype, autographed by designed Jim Dieter as well as a brand new one compliments of Trinity owner Ernest Provetti!

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