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Which Lipo, Eh?

This article was originally published in RC Driver’s November 2015 issue.
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Hey Tony. I have an Axial AX-10 Scorpion that I want to mount a LiPo pack to. I have the graphite battery mounts screwed to the axle as well on both sides of the servo. I would like to keep the packs small but not sure which packs to buy. Ideally I’d like 3S packs but 2S is ok. Any ideas?
Alex, Yellowknife, NT Canada


Hi Alex, We’ve been running our Axial SCX10’s quite a bit lately and each of us has been using a different pack. Matt is a ‘no frills’ kind of guy; he’s running a bone- stock Ram with a long LiPo. Greg is running a modified rig with a full light system and a standard, 3S LiPo pack. He gets some pretty long run times even with his full-time ham-fisted driving style. My SCX10 is heavily modified as well and features a full light system. I, however, am running a shorty 2S Reedy LiPo that is mounted just above the servo. I get long run times as well but not quite as long as Greg. So, with all that, let me start by say- ing if you want to mount your battery to your axle, it’s probably going to be a pret- ty small pack. That size will definitely hinder your runtime unless you plan on swapping them out a lot. If that’s ok, I would take a look at the airplane market for LiPos. They’re a lot smaller and come in many different sizes. Horizon has a line of LiPos called the Kinexsis, one in particular being a 11.1V (3S) 2200mAh soft-pack. It comes pre-wired with a Deans connector and rolls in right about $22. Good luck and shoot me some pictures of your completed ride!—Tony

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