Wednesday, April 24, 2024

World’s First Traxxas E-Revo Monster Truck Drift Edition – APRIL FOOLS

Worlds First Traxxas E-Revo Monster Truck Drift Edition - APRIL FOOLS!!!
Worlds First Traxxas E-Revo Monster Truck Drift Edition – APRIL FOOLS!!!


It was a fun time for the editors as we sat in the office with our popcorn and sodas watching everyone’s reaction. Could something like this be released from Traxxas? Sure, but not now…as far as we know.

Hope everyone enjoyed this post! Ok, back to our regularly scheduled postings…

Check out this cool new truck and it’s a World’s First!

Everyone has been looking for the next latest and greatest thing in RC and it’s finally here. It’s a Traxxas E-Revo Drift Edition and it offers wild RC action like no other truck available. The Drift Edition is brushless for lots of power, but it doesn’t stop there; the electronic system is capable of handling up to a 6S LiPo for plenty of wheel-spinning fury. The suspension is set-up with the same travel as the standard E-Revo but with stiffer spring, allowing the user to do cool tricks like drifting side-ways over jumps and landing with ease. Traxxas has also come up with a specially developed tire that allows this action packed monster to drift. The tires are a hard compound plastic rubber mix that gives the truck forward grip to accelerate but when you hit the corners, the truck can power slide like a sedan drifter.

This new machine combines the fun factor that a Monster Truck offers with the insane power-sliding capability of an On-road Drifter. Will you have the skill to unleash the action of the E-Revo Drift Edition?

Keep checking back to RC Driver for the latest updates on this must have Monster Drifter.

Link: www.rcdriver.com


  1. Happy Aprils Fool Day Ya’all!

  2. This is the most ridiculous thing I have seen released in a LONG time…

  3. move over digger, maxx D, and big foot this is the one that is going to change it all as we know it for the better.

    what a joke!!

    other then a pede I cannot stand traxxas anything anymore it’s the same silly crap over and over and they have no clue on how to make anything remotely scale when it comes to any of thier trucks or drift monsters taxxas pat etc.

    I mean common already jeez.

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