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Pro-Line Pro-MT 4×4 Truck Running & Review

Finally! We finally had a good enough break during the winter here in New England to get outside and rip on the new Pro-Line Pro-MT 4×4 truck and see what this awesome 4WD 1/10 Pre-Built Electric RC Monster could do. In this video we’ll go over what it’s like to install new or used electronics into the pre-built roller, then we head to a nearby BMX for some bashing fun. Then the video is wrapped up with our performance report of the truck and our final thoughts on the Pro-MT 4×4. If you’re looking for a basher monster truck for 2018 and want to save some cash by dropping in some existing electronics you may have, then this is the truck you need to take a look at.

Product: Pro-MT 4×4
By: Pro-Line Racing
Part Code: 4005-00
Price: $399.99
Link to buy:

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