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Use RB Fuel Accessories To Your Advantage

Nitro racers often look for every possible little advantage they can get to put them into a top spot in the A-main. If you are one of those drivers looking for the right parts to get you to a victory, then you might want to pay some attention to your fuel system. RB USA offers a line of fuel accessories that may help you squeak a little extra performance out of your machine. Here we’re going to check out their Fuel Filter Kit, Fuel Cooler Kit and Fuel Line.

RB Fuel Line
FUEL LINE- RB offers quality silicone fuel line in an assortment of colors, which are shown here. The precut lengths per package include more than enough line to route a buggy or turggy fuel system. The line is soft enough to route into tight places, but also firm enough to grasp fuel barbs. You want to choose a good fuel line for your vehicle so it flows properly and won’t break or tear during a race. RB’s fuel tubing offerings can be found HERE.


RB Fuel Filter
FUEL FILTER- Top drivers run fuel filters for several reasons. The first reason to run a filter is, of course, fuel filtration. There is a chance that dust and dirt can get into a fuel system during fill-ups and if the debris makes its way past the pick-up filters in the tank, there is a chance it can clog the needle valve which will change the tuning and possibly harm your engine or its RB-Fuel-Filterperformance. A good filter such as RB’s filter will help prevent wandering debris. The RB filter features an aluminum body with two filter inserts to make certain your system is protected. The filter is sealed with o-rings and the kit comes with a number of mounts to help install it in your vehicle. But a fuel filter like this does more than just protect an engine, it also stores a little extra fuel beyond what a standard tank and line will store. This comes in handy for some extra run time or to help the engine stay running on a car that has flipped over and does not have a clunk style tank. This particular filter can be found HERE.


RB Fuel Cooler
FUEL COOLER- Fuel systems are pressurized by using exhaust to increase pressure in the tank. The problem with this set-upRB-Fuel-Mount is that hot exhaust gases can alter the performance of fuel or the hot gases can heat the tank and cause it to expand. Now the only time you’ll probably need to worry about an expanded tank is if you are in a race where the fuel systems capacity is checked. We’ve seen drivers disqualified at national events because heat had caused their tank to expand to the point where its capacity was larger than the rules allowed. Some also say that overheated fuel will not burn as efficiently and cause poor fuel mileage. Whatever issue you are experiencing or want to avoid, you might want to consider a fuel cooler such as this unit from RB shown here. This machined aluminum finned cooler is a simple heatsink with pass-through for your exhaust gases to flow through and drop temps. With the RB-Coolerincluded hardware, it’s easy to install. All you have to do is use a drill or reamer to open a hole in the splash shield for one of the mounts to bolt to. Use the included hardware to mount the cooler and reroute and/or cut the exhaust lines to run into the cooler unit. The installation is simple and will only take a few minutes. HERE is where you can pick up the RB Fuel Cooler.

RB USA rbusa.com 205-306-4526

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