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8 Tips for Easier RC Transmitter Control

Although most transmitters offer adequate grip and comfort, there are a few tricks that you can do to make them even better. Improving grip can make a difference in how well you drive your vehicle, which is a definite benefit if you like to compete. Here are a few tricks for RC Transmitter Control that you can exploit and they can be that edge you gain over your competition.

RC Transmitter Control

Tennis Racket Grip Tape 

Wrapping the grip of the transmitter with tennis racket grip tape will help wick away any moisture that is created from your hand, therefore reducing the ‘slip’ factor. The result is that the transmitter becomes easier to hold without the worry of dropping it. You won’t need to hold on as tight and this in turn will reduce hand fatigue. Additionally, the tape will not alter the size of the transmitter grip since it is thin. This is a plus if you like the size of the stock transmitter and how it feels in your hand. You also have a choice of colors with the grip tape and will make your radio easier to identify.


Steering wheel change

If the steering wheel is worn or you want to try something different, aftermarket steering wheels are available from the likes of Duratrax, Hot Racing and Dynamite. Not all foam is the same and you can end up finding one that feels better to you.

Improved Grip— 

There are also grips that you can add to a steering wheel that can help provide better control and lessen fatigue. Xtreme Racing offers Pro Grips that slide over your existing steering wheel. The scallop shape provides spots for your fingers to rest and the grips don’t require any glue to keep them in place.

Drop Down Kit 

Depending on your transmitter, the manufacturer might offer a drop down steering wheel kit. These kits will lower the steering wheel so that your hands are in line with each other and this you may find a more comfort position.

Trigger Tricks 

1 I have found that some triggers can be so smooth that your finger can slip off. Remedy this with a wrap of some racket grip tape.

2 For triggers that don’t offer a tight feel for your finger, which can hinder braking responsiveness, a length of fuel tubing is the easy fix. Slide the fuel tubing over the forward section of the trigger to help closeup the opening for your finger. This trick will also add some friction for your finger.

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Self-adhesive Foam 

If you find that you want to make the grip larger and/or contour the grip to your hand, some self-adhesive foam can do the trick. It may take some trial and error to get it how you want it, but it is worth the time to get it right. Once in place you can make it more secure by then covering it with some grip tape.

Optional Grips
If you look through the instruction manual for your transmitter, chances are you will find that the manufacturer offers optional transmitter grips. Typically they are offered in larger or smaller sizes than stock and install easily onto the transmitter


Words by Paul Onorato Photos by Greg Vogel


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