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Ask Tony: Hey, I Got Your Answer!

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This article was originally published in the RC Driver’s March 2016 issue.


Hey Tony. I purchased a Dromida BL RC truck 2 weeks ago. First off, one run in our backyard, broken axle. Took it back, paid for aluminum upgrade to shocks kit and another kit that was $50. That one included the flywheel and other blue aluminum parts. On the 2nd run, it now makes a whirring noise when driving. After going back once to the original store and paying for parts and labor, it now makes some crazy noise I don’t know what to do. He’s used it total of 4 times and each time hasn’t been more than 10 minutes due to car losing speed and stopping while in use. Help!
Yvonne L. Rio Rancho, NM

Hey Yvonne-
The Dromida BL series cars can be a lot of fun, however one thing we found is that they aren’t the greatest to drive on anything but asphalt, concrete or a light coating of dirt. Because of their size, debris gets kicked up into all the tiny nooks and crannies and tends to wear the parts. My guess with the axle is that it broke out where the pin goes through to hold the wheel on. That’s a common place for those to break, and really just an unfortunate accident. The whirling you hear is probably a result of your aluminum spur gear riding against the metal pinion – metal on metal is always loud. My concern with that is you said the car is losing speed and stopping. This could be that the gear mesh is so tight that it is sucking all of the power out of the vehicle. This is also bad because this causes things like the motor and ESC to overheat, something that could result in another expensive repair. I would suggest taking your Dromida to another hobby store and having them look at it. Might be a good idea for a second opinion. Good luck.

Hi Tony! I want to get my 9 year old son a sturdy and good intro RC vehicle. He has played with Toys R Us cars for years that break in days. We went to a Hobby store nearby and they suggested the DHK Wolf2 ($120) or an upgrade to a Traxxas ($220). I know nothing about RCs and could use some advice. I will probably get one for myself too so we can race. We need one that has a long- lasting battery or can buy an additional one. Any advice you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks.
Chris H., Irvine CA

Hey Chris-
Both the DHK and Traxxas vehicles will be a good starting platform, but one thing you’ll want to think about is the long term. The DHK is great for beginners, however the aftermarket is a bit slim and parts availability might be an issue (since it’s a proprietary brand). The Traxx- as, on the other hand, is one of the industry’s biggest players. All of their cars have heavy aftermarket support (both stock and upgrade parts) and every hobby store probably stocks lots of spares. So, it might be a better idea to spend a little more now for something that will last you a long time. Nowadays, most Traxxas cars come with a decent battery and charger, so you may only have to pick up another bat- tery. Hopefully this info helps you out and gets you into our hobby! It’s a blast!

Hi there. I live on a long, empty street and like to do speed runs with my Traxx- as Slash. Right now it’s got a Castle brushless system in it, some STRC parts and Proline street tires. When people ask me how fast it is, all I can really say is that it’s ‘pretty fast’ – I don’t really know. I’m undecided if I should buy a radar gun as there are so many out there and they’re pretty expensive. Do you have any other suggestions on how I can track speed?
Joseph A. Nacogdoches, TX

Hi Joseph-
One item I’ve used quite a bit is Dynamite’s GPS Speed Meter. This little tracker is about 2.5 inches long and can be taped (or Velcro’d) to the chassis. It’s actually very accurate – I tested it by attaching it to my Ford Ranger right next to my Garmin GPS and the speed num- bers were spot on. It’s under $100 (like some budget radar guns), but the best part is you can attach it to your ride and not worry about lugging around a bunch of extra stuff. Good luck and, once you get those speed numbers, send them in for us to check out!

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