Wednesday, December 7, 2022

RCD Paint Plus

RCD Paint Plus – Short Course Goes Old School Stocker

RCD Paint Plus - Short Course Goes Old School Stocker

Words: David Harrington Photos: David Harrington When Parma released the Fifty-Five Baja, I wasn’t sure what to think of a classic car body for short a course chassis. I did a Google search for a “55 baja” and found pictures …

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RCD Paint Plus – Scale Performance

How To: RCD Paint Plus - Scale Performance

Everything is a compromise in the world of scale crawlers. It starts with scale vs. performance. Some build their vehicles to be scale to the point where it’s hard to distinguish them from full size vehicles, but the performance is …

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RCD Paint Plus – Short Course Becomes Rally Extreme

How To: RCD Paint Plus - Short Course Becomes Rally Extreme

Rally cars have always appealed to me, but in the past many RC rally cars have been little more than touring sedans with off-road style tires. Recently, companies such as Traxxas, Losi and Kyosho have released rally cars based off …

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Classic Flame Graphics with Duratrax Paint

As we finished up our Project Jallopy build (you did follow it right?) it was time to lay down some paint on the Parma Fifty Five Baja Body we selected for the machine. The question in our minds was how …

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Painting with LRP’s Magic Colour 2 Paint

LRP Magic Colour 2 Paint

A big part of the cool factor behind driving radio control cars is customizing your vehicle to your specific style. We’re not just talking about how crazy you go with anodized or carbon fiber hop-ups, we’re talking about the look …

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Painting Swoops

Parma RC Paint Swoosh

When I started painting RC bodies, I just wanted to do a nice flame job. If it was up to me I would just paint every body blue with flames, but it wasn’t long before friends started wanting paint jobs …

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Paint like a pro with Parma precut graphics

Here’s a problem I know some of you have. You’re out at the track practicing all the time and you’re getting good and winning races on a regular basis but this leaves you no time to do fancy paint jobs, …

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Locate Post Holes on a Painted Body

The best time to add the body post holes to your Lexan shell is before it is painted. However, sometimes we might not know what chassis a body will be used on or maybe we will buy a pre-painted body …

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