Sunday, December 4, 2022


Outerwears Outerlex RC Engine Bag


True story; about a year ago, while in the pits at a local club race, I watched a driver ask his buddy if he could borrow an engine. He was having problems with his mill, but what I saw next …

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RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Kit

Review: RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Kit

Ready For The Trails RC4WD started years ago simply making parts for the RC rock crawling community, fast forward to 2012 and they make some of the coolest parts on the planet! Not only do they make parts, but they …

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RC4WD Trail Finder 2 RTR

Review: RC4WD Trail Finder 2 RTR

RC4WD is again pushing the limits of scale, but this time they are making it a little easier with the build already taken care of. The Trail Finder 2 ready-to-run is just that…just plug in your battery and go! But underneath this beautiful body is a different drivetrain just making this rig even better than the previous version. The scale details are still unmatched by any other company in the world. With a full vehicle that is more focused on scale looks then a standard R/C vehicle, it’s no wonder RC4WD is at the top of the scale world.

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CowRC Jet Blaster Air Blower

CowRC Jet Blaster Air Blower

  Here it is, one of those products that just stops you in your tracks and makes you say “I gotta have that!” CowRC is well known for their custom magnetic pit mats and cleaning sprays and now the Jet …

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CENRacing Colossus GST-E Monster Truck

Review: CENRacing Colossus GST-E Monster Truck

After a hiatus of several years, CENRacing is back in the USA with HRP as their new distributor. In celebration of their return to North America, they are debuting a subtly revamped 1/8-scale monster truck that is available exclusively from HRP.

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RC4WD Gelande Defender 90

Review: RC4WD Gelande Defender 90

Let me start by saying that the Land Rover Defender 90 (D90) is my favorite off-road vehicle of all time. The timeless design is so simple and clean that not even Land Rover has bothered to really change it in the last 30 years. RC4WD has stayed true to the spirit of the Defender 90, keeping it simple-looking and perfectly scale.

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RC4WD Earth Digger 4200XL

Review: RC4WD Earth Digger 4200XL

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: It’s the Earth Digger 4200XL! Admit it: your 10-year-old self would have freaked out at the sight of this thing. Built by JDCustoms and distributed by RC4WD, this 1/12-scale excavator comes pre-built and nearly ready to run, making it easier than ever to get yourself behind the wheel (or sticks, rather) of some heavy-duty construction equipment.

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CowRC.com Magnetic Mats and Trays

Cow RC

The work surface with a catch   We’ve been noticing a certain company on the “Moove” online. CowRC.com has been providing cool magnetic work mats and other products for quite a few years, but their unique mat offerings seem to …

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ProTek R/C TruTorque Shock Shaft Pliers

ProTek RC TruTorque Shock Shaft Pliers

The must have shock multi-tool   There isn’t a month that goes by when there isn’t a kit on my workbench being built. Building kits for me is just as much fun as actually racing the car when it’s done. …

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Radient Primal Multi-Chemistry Charger

RADIENT primal multi-chem-charger

So let’s say you’re new to the world of RC and you’re in need of a nice new charger to go with your shiny new ride or you’re the lucky recipient of a new or used RC vehicle that either …

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3Racing Lead Balance Weight with Graphite Pattern

3 RACING bw04 5g 10g wtWEB copy

Back when I started racing around 1986, everyone was concerned with how they could make their vehicle lighter. Heck, people used to drill Swiss Cheese-looking holes in their chassis to save weight!  Boy oh boy have times changed. Today you’ll …

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Get Your Gear To The Track In Style With The 3Racing Carrying Case Version 4

3 RACING pit bag 02WEB copy

Lugging your car, chargers, power supply, soldering iron, tools and everything else you need for a day at the track can at times be arduous. Several trips to your car and then several trips to your pit table is not only …

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Power Up With The iMax X400 Twins Touch Screen Balance Charger

IMAXRC x400 twins 2w copy

First came theX200 touch screen charger followed by the X350 and the X100. Now, the people over at iMax have stepped up their game once again and have released the X400 Twins Touch Screen Balance Charger. This two-channel charger (thus the name …

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Pro-Line Pro-Spec Shocks

Pro-Line Shocks

It was late in the summer when I attended the 2013 RCM Short Course Nationals in Enfield, Connecticut, and pitted behind me was Gerardo Gonzalez of Pro-Line Racing. Gerardo always has some pretty trick rides to run and this year …

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Traxxas Low-CG Slash 2WD Chassis

The Traxxas Slash is, of course, credited with the launch of the popular short course market. The truck brought the fun and excitement of a short course truck to RC drivers of all calibers. The draw was realistic looks on …

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