Monday, December 11, 2023


Atomik Barbwire 2 Racing Boat Running & Review

Atomik Barbwire 2

A boat! We love hitting the pond or lake with a radio control boat during the warm months, but it’s mid winter here in New England and it’s not exactly boat season. But when Atomik reached out to us and …

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Tamiya Mercedes-Benz G 320 – MF-01X Cabrio Review

MF-01X Cabrio

There are some radio control modelers that love to build and there are many that just want to instantly go play. For those who want to instantly go play, Tamiya has a line of XB or Expert Built kits that …

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Pro Performance – Team Associated RC10B64 Club Racer

RC10B64 Club Racer

When we received the Team Associated B64 Club Racer for review, we were pumped to get to try out this awesome 4wd 1/10 electric competition buggy. We jumped right into an unboxing video, assembled the buggy and then realized our …

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Monster Truggy Basher – ARRMA KRATON 6S BLX 2018

Kraton 6S BLX 2018

Looking for insane power, big air and the handling capability of a racing machine? The Arrma Kraton 6S BLX 2018 is a truck that is known to deliver in all these departments and more. This feature packed ⅛ electric truggy …

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Xpress Execute XQ1 Review

Xpress Execute XQ1

Off-Road kits and ready to runs have been getting a lot of screen time on our channel, so when rcMart.com sent us the Xpress Execute XQ1 Competition Touring Car for review, we were more than eager to check it out. …

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Traxxas Slash VXL with OBA and TSM

Traxxas Slash VXL

In 2007 I was the lucky guy who got the review the first release of the Traxxas Slash. Way back then it came standard with a 27 MHz radio, brushed 550 sized motor and a battery pack was not included. Boy, have times changed! The newest version of the Slash that was just released comes loaded with goodies that put it several steps ahead of any of its predecessors.

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Power Up! Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition Dual Output Charger

Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition

Power Up! Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition Dual Output Charger  Who has just ONE radio controlled vehicle today?  Not too many people.  In fact, most people who are involved with this great hobby have 2 or more (in my …

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The Smaller Scale Trail Rig – Thunder Tiger Toyota Hilux 1/12 Pick-Up Truck

Thunder Tiger Toyota Hilux

The Smaller Scale Trail Rig – Thunder Tiger Toyota Hilux 1/12 Pick-Up Truck Trail trucks and crawlers are now fully entrenched as a dominant segment of this great hobby.  The scale looks, detail and articulation of some of these vehicles …

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Killer Treads – Duratrax Lockup ST Tires on the Traxxas Mini E-Revo VXL

Killer Treads – Duratrax Lockup ST Tires on the Traxxas Mini E-Revo VXL The Traxxas 1/16 Mini E-Revo VXL is one awesome little monster truck.  It is a blast drive due in part to its fast Velineon 380 brushless motor …

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Quick Look – LC Racing EMB-TGH 1/14 Racing Truggy


Quick Look – LC Racing EMB-TGH 1/14 Racing Truggy  Vehicles on the smaller size of the spectrum have long been my specialty.  I like that due to their size they can be used in smaller spaces, they tend to cost …

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Power Up And Tear It Up! – New GensAce LiPo Car & Truck Packs

GensAce LiPo

So, batteries are batteries, right? I mean, everyone says they all come from the same factory in China, but just have different labels, right? So we should all just save money and get the same results buying the import packs …

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Your Next RC Radio? – Graupner X-8E 2.4GHz HoTT Surface Radio System Review


In the information age ignorance is a choice.  Wanting, check that, needing to know exactly what is going on with your radio controlled vehicle at any given time can be the difference between first and second place.  Many of the …

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Your LiPo Needs A Friend – Dynamite LiPo Battery Voltage Checker

Dynamite LiPo Battery Voltage Checker

Afraid you aren’t taking good enough care of your LiPo’s and fear they aren’t balanced? Do you have multiple packs that look the same and you forgot which one was charged? Just feel like taking better care of your absurdly …

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Your First Basher Monster Truck? – Helion Conquest 10MT XB

Helion Conquest 10MT XB

You’ve seen them bashing around backyards everywhere, throwing up dirt, popping wheelies, flying through the air. RC monster trucking looks like a blast, because it is. These tough trucks can turn anything into a launch ramp and with their massive …

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Get A Grip On The Road – Dynamite Speedtreads Robber SC Tires

Dynamite Speedtreads Robber SC

So you’re trying to do some “backyard bashing,” but your backyard is really your pavement driveway and it makes quick work of the off-road tires that came with your short course truck. No need to be ashamed of your backyard, …

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