Wednesday, December 7, 2022


ECX Temper Ready To Run Rock Crawler Review

ECX is a brand that is known for beginner friendly vehicles that make it easy for the newcomer to jump into the hobby. Rock crawlers are actually a great way to get acquainted with driving an RC, because they will drive over anything and since they are geared for torque they are not too fast.

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Toyota FJ Cruiser Black Edition CC-01


Tamiya has a cult type following in the radio controlled industry for several reasons. Many old school enthusiasts can thank them for getting their start in the hobby and they are always releasing cool vehicle platforms that people simply love. One such release is the CC-01 trail chassis.

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Power Ports – Hitec X2 AC PRO Battery Charger

A charger is a charger is a charger, right? Not quite, but those of you who have owned Hitec chargers already know that. Since the release of the X4 many years ago, Hitec has been at the forefront of the charger game and from the looks of their latest release, they’re going to stay right where they are near the top.

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Give Your Car A Power Boost – Dynamite TurboKick

I love how Hollywood greatly exaggerates the effect of nitrous oxide in cars. A push of the button, and the car shoots off like a rocket. While it is not completely realistic, wouldn’t it be sweet if we could do that with our RCs?

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Tamiya Heavy Dump Truck GF01

Tamiya - Heavy Dump Truck - GF-01 Chassis copy

Kits like the Heavy Dump Truck GF01 from Tamiya spell out pure RC fun from start to finish. I sat down with my twin five-year-old boys and had a blast building with them and teaching them what an RC kit is all about. When we were finished we had a fun wheelie-popping machine that they’ve enjoyed driving for countless hours.

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All About Speed And Power – Arrma Kraton Truggy

Over the course of the last half year, Arrma has revamped most of their lineup in addition to releasing an entirely new machine (Nero). The latest rig in their fleet to get the new electronics and revised components is the Kraton 6S BLX. A standard truggy layout that’s meant for backyard bashing and parking lot drag races, the Kraton now features the potent BLX185 ESC and 2050Kv four-pole motor combo.

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Team Energy D10 SC

There is a common misconception that fast, really fast radio control cars and trucks all come from major manufacturers and will cost you an arm and a leg before you add batteries. Well, that is simply not true. Online super store NitroRCX has a new line up that includes six vehicles so far, under the moniker Team Energy, that are very fast, look good, and are both tough and reasonably priced.

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Team Losi Racing 22-4 2.0

When it comes to 1/10 electric off road racing, four wheel drive mod buggy is probably the class I enjoy racing the most. Perhaps it's because no matter how I set up the buggy, good or bad, I can get it around the track fast. Fast, of course, equals fun and that’s why we do what we do. Yeah right...

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Serpent RS X 4Buggy

Back in the day (like, way back) Serpent was known pretty much just for their purpose designed, on road racing rigs. Their 1/8-scale nitro GT and Prototype rigs were the go-to model if you wanted to win on the asphalt. Over the most recent years, the company has shifted its efforts more into the off-road realm.

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RC10 B6 Team Kit

2WD Turf Domination There was a time when manufacturers developed new cars just to create a better handling, more durable machine for racers to benefi t from, but we’re now in a time period where track styles are evolving and …

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Duratrax Onyx 255 Dual Output Charger

Who has only one radio controlled vehicle? Seriously, the vast majority of the people that I know own two or more cars, trucks or boats. In addition, many vehicles run on multiple battery packs. Still, the few people that do own one lonely vehicle still have several battery packs. Waiting around for one pack, then another to charge so you can go out and have some fun

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Q32 D8T Tessmann Edition And Baja Buggy

While the Q32 Baja Buggy has been out for a while, the new Q32 D8T Tessman Edition Truggy looks to increase the performance factor with bigger wheels and a wider stance. These micro machines can be used in any room bigger than a closet, so you never have to be without your RC fun again.

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Reviewed – The Carisma V70 TypeR, 70A Sensored Brushless Speed Control with Turbo, 5350kV and 4600kV Brushless Motors.

Carisma_V70_TypeR _Sensored (2)

Brushless speed control and motor technology on the surface side of things seems to have started with smaller, 1:18 vehicles and gradually moved to 1:12, 1:10, 1:8 and even 1:5.  To start the vast majority of the brushless systems were …

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Sworkz S104 Evo Pro Buggy

Speed and strength in the perfect combination is the Holy Grail when it comes to these modern day 4WD 1/10 racing buggy rockets. Usually he who lasts the longest in the main wins. All current buggies out there are looking for the ultimate handling, the ultimate durability and the most user friendly servicing. Sworkz

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Traxxas Bigfoot – What You Need to Know

Traxxas Bigfoot RTR

The Bigfoot Monster Truck! How cool does that look! The perfect way to battle your buddies in a backyard bash fest! Traxxas has released yet again an awesome looking truck that will deliver tons of excitement for those looking to …

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