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CNC Machined 1-piece Aluminum Light Weight Nut Drivers from STRC

STRC -  CNC Machined Aluminum Nut Drivers_2 copy

STRC -  CNC Machined Aluminum Nut Drivers_1 copyHaving the right set of tools is essential to building and maintaining your vehicles properly. It also means the difference between a frustrating day of wrenching or an enjoyable day of working on your favorite R/C vehicle.

CNC Machined from one piece aluminum, these nut drivers are cut to a perfect tolerance with amazing factory looks.  Featuring knurled handle for a secure grip and ease of handling during use, and drilled hollowed center for great weight reduction.  These 5.5mm nut drivers also features thinned wall construction so it can fit into narrow locations to tighten or loosen lock-nut.  This tool is especially useful in locking down the inner 5.5mm lock-nuts for our STA31266, ST1654-17 and ST3654-17 series 17mm hex adapter kits.

The 5.5mm nut driver will take care of the M3 size lock nuts while the 7.0mm size takes care of the M4 size wheel lock-nuts found on today’s popular brands of R/C vehicles.  Available in a large variety of brilliantly anodized colors:  Blue, Light Blue, Black, Gun Metal, Green, Red, and Orange.  Sold individually and also in combo packs

STRA55BK/B/GM/G/LB/R/O CNC Machined 1-piece Aluminum 5.5mm Light Weight Nut Drivers.  MSRP: $12.99

STRA70BK/B/GM/G/LB/R/O CNC Machined 1-piece Aluminum 7.0mm Light Weight Nut Drivers.  MSRP: $13.99

STRA755Bk/B/GM/G/LB/R/O CNC Machined Aluminum 5.5mm and 7.0mm Light Weight Nut Drivers combo pack.  MSRP: $25.99

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