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Gear Up! – Pro-Line Pit and Support Accessories

Having the right support gear for your RC vehicle is just as important as the vehicle itself. Sure you can have the fastest buggy, or the truggy that jumps the farthest or carry the hot lap record at the track, but if you’re pits aren’t outfitted correctly, the entire pit or workbench experience can become, well, a chore. And many know that chores are not often fun tasks. Pro-Line the accessory guru for your RC vehicles also has a lot of accessories covered in the pits or your home workspace. They offer work mats, travel bags, stand and some other items that will make your RC experience so much better. See what will make your RC experience better with our Pro-Line Pit and Support Accessories guide.

Let’s start off right at the bench, pit mat, work towels, glues and other neat things to make your time at the bench easy to deal with.

Roll-Up Pit Mat

There are times you’ll be thrashing on your RC at home or at the track and that makes the Roll-Up style Pit Mat perfect for all the racers and bashers who are always on the go! The Roll-Up Pit Mat is Pro-Line Blue with multi-colored Pro-Line logos printed all around. The Mat is made from a light-weight, durable, non-slip and extra thick material that resists most commonly used chemicals found in RC. When place screws or tools on the mat, they won’t roll off and its a soft place to rest your arms while wrenching on those hard to reach parts of your car. The mat is also perfect for those who have to wrench in temporary locations like the coffee or kitchen table; it protects those nice surfaces from scratches.
9908-01 | Pro-Line Roll-Up Pit Mat

Blue Micro Fiber Towels

Oh sure, you can use paper towels to clean off your RC parts, but that would be wasteful. You could also use some old rags to clean your car at the track, but do you really want someone seeing the ratty old shirt you used to wear? Pro-Line offers a great pair of Blue Micro Fiber Pit Towels to take care of many clean-up jobs on your RC car and more. The Micro Fiber Towels feature a printed Pro-Line logo so right off the bat it’s better than that old stained T-shirt. The ultra-soft fabric of the pit towels is great for cleaning your hands, and even electronics. The soft, absorbent microfiber towel is reusable, long lasting, lightweight and quick drying. With these Micro Fiber Towels you can clean, dust and polish just about anything!
6268-00 | Blue Micro Fiber Towels

1:10 & 1:8 Car Stand

This is probably the most popular car stand available in our opinion, the Pro-Line MX inspired car stand for all of the Pro-Line fans! Taking inspiration from the popular MX bike stands, the Laser Cut, bent and Powder-Coated Blue Alloy Pro-Line car stand is ready to display your car in the best way possible. The stand even has shock building holes for added versatility. Included Push-in rubber grommets protect your chassis and will prevent your car from sliding around. The best thing about this car stand is that it is made right here in the USA! Get your own Pro-Line car stand today!
6258-00 | Pro-Line 1:10 Car Stand
6257-00 | Pro-Line 1:8 Car Stand

Double Sided Clear Mounting Tape

On to some supplies you’ll need on your bench and the first is the pack of Pro-Line double sided tape. Obviously two sided tape is a big part of securing electronics to your car and it’s sometime used in other tasks such as securing wing plates to a spoiler. These pieces are pre-Cut into 25mm x 35mm squares, it’s clear and cushioned for securing your receiver or ESC to the vehicle. Pro-Line’s Double Sided Clear tape comes in a pack of 10 individual pieces and is protected with anti-stick backing on each side that can be easily peeled before application.
5840 | Pro-Line Double Sided Clear Mounting Tape

Tire Glue

Another favorite of ours from Pro-Line, their amazing Tire Glue. Our likes start off with the super soft and squeezable Round Bottle that improves feel as you apply the glue. The glue formula itself bonds with amazing grip between your wheels and tires. Then there is the translucent yellow P-L applicator tips. The tips are specifically intended around Pro-Line’s Exclusive Round Bottle Design and snap into place for a secure fit while gluing. The P-L Applicator tips are reusable unlike the throw-away tubes and have the perfect size applicator hole for gluing tires. Pro-Line includes 2 P-L Applicator tips with each bottle of P-L Glue for maximum value.
6031-00 | Pro-Line Tire Glue

Glue Tips

Ok, so maybe you need some extra tips. Pro-Line offers extra Yellow Glue Tips to go with the strong and popular Tire Glue. Don’t go without glue tips again with Pro-Line’s extra glue tip pack.
6031-01 | Glue Tips (3)

Hauler Bag

Hauler bags are a huge help in keeping your RC gear organized and ready for transport or for just storing gear at home. Designed with 4 easy access drawer compartments, several zipper pockets and tool storage, the Hauler Bag covers your RC needs. What makes this bag stand out from others is the Pro-Line logos on the front, top and side making stand out when arriving at the track and a collapsible pull handle and smooth rolling casters combine to get you organized in the pits. The Hauler Bag also includes tie-down bungee straps for securing 1 vehicle (Buggy, SC, Truck, etc.) on top of the Bag for fewer trips between the track and your vehicle.
6058-03 | Pro-Line Hauler Bag

Track Bag with Tool Holder

Here is another great multi-purpose bag from Pro-Line, the Track Bag with Tool Holder. This bag features luggage quality zippers and material that displays your support with a huge P-L logo. The bag is supported by an inner corrugated plastic housing that protects your stuff and holds the bags shape. This multi-purpose bag will hold a bunch of tires, tools, chargers, batteries or basically anything you need to take you to the track, all while still being small enough to easily fit in the trunk of your car. The Track Bag features a 13 slot Tool Pouch and 3 see through mesh pouches for any extra tools, glue or hardware that you need while at the track. Pro-Line’s Track Bag has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport and a completely open top for easy access to your stuff. The tire bag and measures 23” x 11” x 8”.
6058-02 | Pro-Line Track Bag with Tool Holder

Travel Bag

The hot bag to have right now is the style of pit bag you see here. The Pro-Line Travel Bag has all of the features you need to keep you organized for long RC trips and plane rides. Pro-Line logos are printed on the quality bag and will help you to stand out when arriving at the track. The collapsible pull handle with full zipper cover and large, smooth rolling wheels combine to get you organized wherever your travels take you. Each handle has been cross-stitched and riveted for maximum durability and the inside is lined with soft foam to protect your valuable RC gear. Several zippered pockets and adjustable inner dividers are included for organizing your parts and keeping your plastic parts bins upright. The Travel Bag comes in at 34″ Long x 15″ Wide x 15″ Tall, which is similar to the popular rolling luggage bags currently used by many racers.
6058-04 | Pro-Line Travel Bag

Team Banner

We know first hand that hobby enthusiasts like banners. We get requests all the time. We’re sure that holds true for Pro-Line. They offer their stylish banner for use your track, hobby shop, workshop or garage. They are a super duty banner that will hold up to abuse.
9913-33 | Factory Team Banner (Pro-Line)

Factory Umbrella

Ok, the last accessory from Pro-Line to recommend, the Pro-Line Factory Umbrella. Yes, it is better than rocking a Hello-Kitty umbrella at the track. The PL Umbrella will protect you rain or shine. It opens to a 51″ diameter which is more than enough to keep you dry in the winter and cool in the summer. Keep off the rain or make some shade. Show your true Pro-Line colors with this limited edition umbrella. Take note, it is only available direct from Pro-Line.
6310-00 | Pro-Line Factory Umbrella

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