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Tamiya RC Maintenance Supplies – Be Prepared

When cruising through the Tamiya websites, you can honestly get lost in the vast amount of hobby products the company offers. We’ve covered numerous segments from them including some of their ready to run models, tractor truck kits, paints, tools, upgrades and we’ve found yet another part of their hobby offerings to pass along to you, their maintenance supplies. Tamiya offers lots of supplies to build and maintain your machine from oils, to greases and more. We have to admit that their Anti-wear Grease is a favorite of ours when building some of our scale off-road models. But there’s more, lots more to talk about. Let’s get right into the Tamiya RC Maintenance Supplies.

Cera Grease HG
ITEM# 87099

This grease often comes with Tamiya models, but we’ve found it to be a great grease for many moving gears and driveline parts. It just does the job of sticking to the components and lubricating them during long use. The Cera-grease HG is made using Boron Nitride which gives it superior lubrication ability. Cera-grease can be used with MINI 4WD cars, R/C Cars, Robocraft gears and bearings, and provide excellent lubrication for plastic and metal parts. The 10g aluminum tube comes with its own nozzle for easy application.


Body Reinforcing Tape – Mesh
ITEM# 54792

This is a great product if you’ve cracked your favorite body and want to save it from the trash can. This polycarbonate reinforcing mesh tape is the perfect solution for hobbyists that are a little more than rough with their bodies. With this tape you can easily reinforce spoilers, fenders and the like with this handy mesh type tape, simply apply clear silicone adhesive to secure the mesh tape in place. In the package is a 2-meter roll of mesh tape (35mm width.)


Silicone Oil
ITEM# Various

Tamiya offers a huge selection of oils for your RC machines both on-road and off-road. Adjusting the viscosity of your damper oil is one of the quickest ways of tuning your RC car. These bottles are larger than the ones in previously sold sets. The bottle contents is 40ml, each oil viscosity has its own color to help avoid confusion when sitting in your toolbox and it works with all types of oil-filled damper.


Rubber Anti-Slip Sheet – 25mm x 130mm
ITEM# 54694

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been building a custom project and come across the need for  for a soft self adhesived backed strip of rubber. As you know a loosely secured battery can ruin your drive by moving around and altering the balance of your car. This rubber strip comes in handy as an effective anti-slip sheet, which is highly versatile. Place the tape between the chassis and battery pack for maximum effectiveness. The Rubber Anti Slip Sheet 25 x 130mm and has a thickness: 0.2mm.

Double-Sided Tape – 20mm x 2m
ITEM# 54693

Similar tape comes in Tamiya kits and we tend to hoard this tape as it adheres very well and has a thin foam custion to it. This high quality heat-resistant double-sided tape is often used on RC models to secure and protect equipment. This version comes in a 20mm x 2m roll and is It’s perfect for frequent users.

Silicone Diff Oil #1000000
ITEM# 54419

Tamiya has you covered with just about any silicone fluid you’ll ever need for an RC vehicle. This is high viscosity silicone oil shown here is for use with sealed gear differential units to allow fine diff hardness adjustment to match driving conditions. The #1000000 is the highest viscosity among gear diff oils currently available on the market and provides the same effect as a direct coupling spool often used in Touring Car Racing.


Anaerobic Gel Thread Lock
ITEM# 54032

This is the stuff! Tamiya’s screw lock gel  prevents metal parts from loosening up in R/C vehicles. It can also be applied on chassis’ as well engines. Sure there are other thread locking compounds out there, but from experience, we can tell you that the Tamiya Gel works great. It secures screws, yet they are still servicable when you need them to be.


Silicone Damper Oil
Hard (#800, #900, #1000) ITEM# 53445
Medium (#500, #600, #700) ITEM# 53444
Soft (#200, #300, #400) ITEM# 53443

Remember when we said Tamiya has you covered when it comes to silicone oils? Here’s more proof, convenient three packs of oil. The three packs are available in a soft, medium or hard pack and have enough oil in them to rebuild many shocks several times. These are great for touring car use.

Aluminum Reinforced Tape
ITEM# 53351

Ever see a tune pipe melt the side of a brand new, freshly painted body? It’s not a pretty sight. Tamiya’s adhesive aluminum tape is ideal for gas operated vehicles that have an exhaust pipe in close proximity to the polycarbonate body. The aluminum heat resistant tape acts as a shield and prevents damage to a polycarbonate body when high heat is nearby.

Fluorine Coating Lubricant – 10ml Bottle
ITEM# 42280

Well, we’ve never tired or even seen this before from Tamiya until looking through their website for content for this article. Apparently, the coating material contained within this bottle ensures your RC car is running with exceptional smoothness according to Tamiya. The liquid is particularly useful when applied to suspension and drivetrain parts, reducing friction and boosting efficiency. Bottle contents: 10ml

RC Gear Differential Putty
ITEM# 42247

Another neat find on the Tamiya website, Gear differential putty. This is used to control the differential action of gear diff units used in RC cars that have sealed gear diff systems. When high viscosity oils are not enough to achieve the desired differential action, the use of putty can become quite handy. The material in this package comes in a roll which can be removed easily from the plastic case, cut into 3mm pieces with scissors and inserted into the differential. Gear differential putty (25g)

VG Damper Oil #50

More oils! This time the oil is a bit different. This is Tamiya’s VG line of damper oil. Compared to silicone-based oils,these mineral-based oils have lower friction and offer improved shock-absorbing capability. Since they come in viscosity intervals of 5, these products will enable you to fine-tune your RC car’s damper settings according to specific track conditions. The lower the number, the softer the oil and vice-versa. 50cc bottles

VG Greases
ITEM# Various

Finally there are the greases and the largest variety of greases available from Tamiya are under the VG line. There are greases for everything here from ball diff grease, to thrust bearing grease, damper grease, joint grease and diff plate grease, each packed into a convenient small cup, approximately 3g worth. These greases are perfect for their intended uses, so see which works best for your needs when looking at Tamiya’s VG grease HERE

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