Monday, May 29, 2023

HOT – We’ve Got A Team Trinity Monster “MAX” Team SPEC 13.5 Turn Motor

HOT – We’ve Got A Team Trinity Monster “MAX” Team SPEC 13.5 Turn Motor

Team Trinity has been producing motors, batteries and more for local, regional, national and world champions for decades now.  Always on the cutting edge of technology and pushing the limits, Trinity motors tend to be some of the fastest and most reliable motors hard earned money can buy.  When looking for a motor for an upcoming 4wd buggy review I contacted R/C Madness to find out the hot class and Chris, the shop owner, told me to pick-up a 13.5-turn motor.  Wanting the car to compete (even if the driver was suspect) I made a quick call to Team Trinity and before the buggy it was going to be installed in arrived, a Monster “MAX” Team SPEC 13.5 Turn Motor was delivered to my door. With the 4wd buggy still enroute to the RCD office, let’s take a moment to unbox the Monster “MAX” Team SPEC 13.5 Turn Motor and tell you a bit about it…

Monster "MAX" Team SPEC 13.5 Turn Motor
Factory sealed and ready for use, the Monster “MAX” Team SPEC 13.5 Turn Motor

Racers today want a motor with very low resistance numbers.  Knowing this, Trinity tests each stator and hand writes these numbers on the “TEAM SPEC” sticker that is affixed inside the packaging/inner sleeve to prevent dealers from checking the numbers prior to purchase and to eliminate potential tampering.

So, what does it take to be considered “Team SPEC”?  Well, Trinity tests each and every stator that comes through the door (that’s a lot of motors) and only the very best, motors below 10.8, make the cut.  These motors are then given a rigorous visual inspection to make sure they are free from any potential defects, set proper factory timing, shimmed as needed and all the screws are tightened.

Motor that don’t make the “Team SPEC” cut are still awesome and are sold as Race SPEC Monster “MAX” Motors.

There are three varieties of the Team Trinity Monster “MAX” that are aimed to fit every budget.  There is the Race SPEC as mentioned above with a street price right around $95, the Team SPEC 5% like we received with a street price between $114.99 – 119.99 and for the most hardcore racers there is the CERTIFIED Team SPEC 5% (Plus).  All three of these motors, in 21.5-turn, 17.5-turn and 13.5-turn varieties share the following features:

Monster “MAX” Motor Features – 

  • Monster Horsepower Series is all new!
  • Aluminum based sensor board for true sensor alignment
  • Infinite Timing Adjustment
  • 2mm Copper Tabs
  • Thicker Pure Copper Solder Tabs and Collector
  • Thermal Stator Coating for the best heat dissipation possible
  • Turbine style vented nose
  • More Vents for More Cooling
  • New 220C wire coating
  • Certified Gauge High Temperature Wire
  • New Short Stack Stator Design
  • New Stator Material
  • Grade 5 Ball Bearings
  • Uses all D3.5, D4  and 24K Rotors

Race SPEC Features:

  • Newly Designed Low Resistance Stator
  • Red Insulators Removed for less resistance and increase air flow
  • Black Thermal Epoxy for better heat dissipation leading to “no fade”
  • NEW TEP1112 High Torque Rotor
  • Production motor
  • Thorough visual inspection for any issues including timing, shimming and loose screws
  • Each and every production motor Stator is tested and only the TOP 5% (stator resistance below 10.8) are labeled as Team SPEC 5%
  • Custom built and hand assembled just like our Team Driver Motors
  • Buying a Certified Motor is the closest anyone can get to buying a Trinity Team Motor. Example: Asymmetry in a brushless motor could be anywhere from “0” to “30 plus”. Certified Plus will have no higher than a “4” so you never see a rotor higher than a “4” in the “PLUS” line.
  • The other advantage will be each and every CERTIFIED Team SPEC 5% (Plus) motor will come with a complete print-out  after running the motor on the Motolyser.
  • Ceramic Red-Sealed Bearings installed (Front and Rear)
  • Rotor shimmed for alignment
  • Sensor Board adjustment and timing set
  • NEW HIGH GAUSE TEP1112 High Torque Rotor
  • CERTIFIED Team SPEC 5% (Plus) Rotor and Stator

If you think a Monster “MAX” might be in your future or any of the other top quality items from Trinity for that matter we’ve got some great news for you.  Enter RCDRIVER in at the checkout when shopping at www.teamtrinity.com and you will save $15 off of an order of $75 or more AND get free shipping!

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