Thursday, May 30, 2024

JConcepts Cleaning Products by Dirt Racing

JConcepts Cleaning Products by Dirt Racing

Brian Kinwald has teamed up with JConcepts to release his new line of RC cleaners. These products are used by ‘The Dirtinator’ himself and include a cleaning brush, a tire treatment and a tire cleaner.

The brush uses a large head with resilient bristles to make short work of any dirt on your ride. Put a few drops of the Refresher on any new or used tires to help rejuvenate them and bring back their stickiness. The Cleaner is used to remove the molding residue on new tires and wheels, allowing the CA glue to form a super strong bond.

8003 Dirt Racing Products – Brush – $9.50
8001 Dirt Racing Products – Refresher – $12.00
8000 Dirt Racing Products – Cleaner – $12.00

Link: www.jconcepts.net

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