Wednesday, July 24, 2024

O.S. Engines Speed T1202 Touring

O.S. Engines - Speed T1202 Touring

Attention serious touring car enthusiasts: your engine has arrived. The O.S. Speed T1202 ups the ante for race-winning performance, resulting in a power plant that will dominate 1/10 scale competition. When Speed is your engine’s first name, you can drive with confidence knowing that cutting-edge O.S. engineering is under the hood.


A shorter carburetor restrictor enables quicker throttle response from bottom to top.
A thicker cylinder flange transfers the heat created by explosion effectively to the cooling head.
The lighter piston performs better over rpm range without hesitation.
The low CG cooling head is even lower than the T1201.
All modifications work in a synergistic manner to improve overall engine performance.
Even more powerful low-to-middle range torque
Greater fuel efficiency, so you can stay in the action longer
O.S. Speed innovations include a tungsten weighted crank shaft with diamond-like coating and silicon potting

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