Saturday, June 15, 2024

ProTek RC Samurai RM.1 Maifield Edition Engine

Just announced is the pre-sale of the new ProTek RC Samurai RM.1 Maifield Edition Engine.

ProTek RC Samurai RM.1 Maifield Edition Engine

The new ProTek RC Samurai RM.1 Maifield Edition 3-Port .21 Competition Nitro Engine is now available for pre-sale purchase on AMainHobbies.com. Those who order via pre-sale will be first in line to have the new Samurai RM.1 shipped within the next 7-10 days. Order Yours Here: https://bit.ly/49x7n9k

ProTek RC Samurai RM.1 Maifield Edition EngineDesigned in collaboration with legendary professional RC racer Ryan Maifield, the new Samurai RM.1 enhances all the winning features found in the original Samurai RM engine and improves the power plant package even more through higher top end speed, increased fuel mileage, an improved and strengthened engine block, smooth yet powerful bottom end, and a slightly lower CG cooling head with new graphics.

“The ProTek RC Samurai RM.1 engine is smooth but powerful, gets awesome fuel mileage, and is easy to tune,” states Maifield. “I’ve been running a pre-production RM.1 for a few months at a variety of events in different track conditions, and it has performed flawlessly everywhere I have been.”

Through extensive development and testing by Maifield and the ProTek RC R&D team, the new Samurai RM.1 increased fuel mileage by nearly 60 seconds while achieving higher top end speeds and maintaining a smooth bottom end. This new ProTek RC power plant also features a steel backplate insert to reduce friction and wear while increasing RPMs and providing a stable idle. ProTek RC Samurai RM.1 Maifield Edition EngineA strengthened, black-coated crankcase is also included to maximize durability and reliability. The Samurai RM.1 also utilizes a 3-port ABC piston and cylinder that are designed to offer more torque over the power range, while the blue anodized aluminum LCG (lower center of gravity) cooling head with etched ProTek RC, Samurai, and RM logos on the top keep the weight as low as possible to achieve supreme stability and handling performance.

Combined with the new Samurai RM.1 are the racer’s favorite ultra-hot performance oriented ProTek RC P3 turbo glow plug and Samurai RM 21j high efficiency carburetor, which has proven to be one of the most reliable, powerful, and winning carburetor and glow plug combinations on the track since 2014. Just add the ProTek RC PTK-2090 Tuned Pipe and Manifold combo (sold separately) to experience the highest level of quality and performance Protek RC provides to racers from relative newcomers to all-time greats like Ryan Maifield.

To view all the specifications and features found in the new ProTek RC Samurai RM.1 Maifield Edition 3-Port .21 Competition Nitro Engine, click on the link here: https://www.amainhobbies.com/protek-rc-samurai-rm.1-maifield-edition-3port-.21-competition-nitro-engine-ptk-2690/p1529706




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