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Our top 5 PROTOform body picks


This is our top 5 PROTOform body picks that are designed for track duty yet still have a great scale appearance. Yes we enjoy racing at RC Driver, but being behind the wheel of a 1/10-scale car that replicates a full size racecar is a welcomed bonus. With that being said we decided to share with you our favorite scale racing bodies from the on-road body molding masters at PROTOform.

Our top 5 PROTOform body picks


1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Clear Body—#1552-40

Our top 5 PROTOform body picks

Kicking off our top 5 PROTOform body picks list is an awesome old-school body, the 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 clear body. PROTOform modeled this body after an iconic American muscle car from the ‘70s. With a mighty V8 engine under the hood, the Z28 was tearing up the streets and the Trans-Am race series tracks. This made the classic Camaro a perfect candidate for PROTOform to add to its line of VTA (Vintage Trans Am) bodies. It is the first in PROTOform’s line of VTA bodies where the body is formed from a single piece of Lexan and require no assembly. This is a welcome departure from earlier VTA bodies that required gluing or hardware to complete the body before you could hit the track. PROTOform developed an all-new molding process where they could capture the realistic front and rear undercuts of the Z28 and not require a separate add-on nose piece. This officially licensed body meets all VTA Class racing rules.

Just glancing at these photos of the 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 body, you can tell that PROTOform did a superb job in replicating the telltale body lines that make the Z28 so recognizable. Even the distinctive split bumper configuration along with all the other signature Z28 design details which makes this body look ultra-scale.


Length: 17.25″ (438mm)
Width: 8.07″ (205mm)
Height: 4.17″ (106mm)
Wheelbase: 10.10″ (258mm)



F1-Fifteen Clear Body—#1545-30

Our top 5 PROTOform body picksFormula 1 cars have such an amazing look to them and we have to hand it to PROTOform for accurately recreating one in 1/10-scale for us RC race addicts. The F1-Fifteen race body was inspired by the Formula 1 cars that shared the grid during the 2015 racing season. It was a year that we saw the return of some beauty and elegance back into this exclusive international race series.

We really like the details that PROTOform worked into the F1-Fifteen body, especially the sleek low nose and side-pod undercuts. For extra scale detail points, PROTOform did not take the easy route and simply mold in the helmet along with the rest of the body. Instead they include a molded black nylon driver’s helmet to give the body the ultra-realistic appearance that F1 RC racers want in their rides. Right behind the driver sits a new add-on Our top 5 PROTOform body picksairbox scoop that resembles the ones found on full-size F1 cars. It is easily attached with either double-sided tape or Shoe Goo.

PROTOform’s F1-Fifteen body should fit most of the modern F1 chassis’ with some costume trimming to clear the front and rear suspension components. Included with the body is a nice detail decal sheet, a driver helmet, hardware and overspray film. The decal sheet has some nice details on it like seatbelts, steering wheel detail, helmet visor covers and car numbers that will help bring the F1-Fifteen body to life.


Length: 13.98” (355mm)
Width: 5.5” (140mm)
Height: 3.27” (83mm)

Our top 5 PROTOform body picks
Shown mounted on the Serpent F110 SF2 chassis. Front and rear wings are not included with the body.


Chevrolet Corvette C8 Clear Body—#1574-25

Our top 5 PROTOform body picks
1/10-scale touring car owners were definitely psyched when they saw the release of the PROTOform Chevrolet Corvette C8 clear body. In the full-size world, the Corvette C8 became one of the most highly anticipated vehicles that Chevy has ever built when it was first announced that the new Corvette was being reinvented. Once released, the 1:1 Corvette C8 was a knock-out with its all-new styling that still embodied enough styling cues of previous Vettes that the onlooker would be able to tell its lineage.

This officially licensed body by General Motors is ideal for the USGT racing class as it meets all the required rules. PROTOform utilized high-quality polycarbonate to mold the Corvette C8 body and will stand up to the rigors of racing. Included with the body is an add-on rear wing with the USGT-santioned 10mm trim height, wing buttons with mounting hardware, window masks, overspray film and an extensive decal detail sheet.


Length: 17.68″ (449mm)
Width: 7.6″ (193mm)
Wheelbase: 10.1″ (257mm)

The aggressive cab forward design of the full-size counterpart was faithfully recreated in 1/10-scale. Not to mention the sculpted doors and vents along with aggressive front splitter.



RT-C Light Weight Clear Body—#1239-25

Our top 5 PROTOform body picksIf you race oval with rubber tires, be sure to check out this great-looking PROTOform RT-C Light Weight clear body. This body was inspired by the 1:1 stock cars that raced in the 2017 Xfinity series. What makes this special for the RC oval racing crowd is the RT-C has a bit of a variation where it is configured to perfectly fit over the taller rubber and capped tires.

Some of the nice elements incorporated onto the PROTOform RT-C is the bumped out section on the left side of the body for additional battery clearance and a large rear spoiler that can aid in tuning to achieve that perfect front to rear balance.Our top 5 PROTOform body picks

Keeping the body light weight, PROTOform has molded the RT-C out of high-quality .025 polycarbonate. When you open the package for the body, you also get the rear spoiler complete with mounting hardware, overspray protective film, window masks and a decal sheet. Now don’t worry if you are not an oval racer, but you do own 200mm sedan chassis because this body can fit most popular brands.


Length: 18.5″ (469mm)
Width: 8.25″ (209mm)
Height: 4.1″ (103mm)
Wheelbase (adjustable): 10-10.5″ (255-270mm)


Chevrolet Corvette C7 Pro-Mod Clear Body—#1571-40

Rounding out our top 5 PROTOform body picks is the imposing-looking Chevrolet Corvette C7 Pro-Mod clear body. If you are not familiar with the term “Pro-Mod”, it comes from the full size drag racing world and is one of the classes. The PROTOform Chevrolet Corvette C7 Pro-Mod is a great example of what they look like. This specific body was created to meet the demand for the ever-growing short course drag class where people are converting their Traxxas Slash trucks into scale 1/4-mile beasts.

PROTOform developed the Corvette C7 Pro-Mod body as a no-fuss, no-assembly one-piece body design. Hats off to PROTOform for going through the trouble to have this as an officially licensed General Motors body. Just like you will find with the other PROTOform bodies, the C7 comes with window masks, overspray protective film and a decal sheet to finish it off.


Length: 25.5″ (647mm)
Width, front: 11.13″ (282mm)
Width, rear: 11.25″ (285mm)
Wheelbase: 13.2″ (335mm)

Our top 5 PROTOform body picks

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