Saturday, May 25, 2024

Outerwears Electric Motor Pre-Filter

Outerwears Pre-Filters

There are some people who expect their RC car to go anywhere and do anything and today’s RC cars put up with a lot of that style of abuse. But that abuse can take its toll on equipment and those who bash in dusty, dirty and muddy elements are cutting down the life on components. Motors are one such item that can have their life cut short due to grime getting inside. Outerwears developed one of their famous pre-filters for electric motor use that will help protect it from the muck. The pre-filter is made from a fine mesh breathable fabric which is also water repellant. It has an elastic side and an open end side that can be cinched down over motor wires with the included zip-tie. Outerwears offers these pre-filters in various sizes and colors. Here we have their 20-2450-11 filter installed on one of our Axial Wraith motors. After some mudslinging bashing action, we pulled the filter off and the motor was still clean. This is an excellent product for that off-road adventurer that plans on coming home with a dirty machine.

SPECSOuterwears Electric Motor Pre-Filter
Made by: Outerwears
Product: Electric Motor Pre-Filter
Available From: Many online and local retailers
Made for: Motor protection for various size RC electric motors
Part #: Varies; see Outerwears website HERE
Cost: Varies

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