Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Project Ugly Truck: Part 4- Chassis build complete

Ugly Side Shot

What started off as a build deemed Ugly Truck because of the use of random parts of varying colors has actually grown on us. We think it’s looking pretty good and whoever we give it away to will most likely grow into loving it too. But we’re not giving it away just yet. This week we’ll go over the little finishing touches on the chassis assembly and electronics install.

Ugly Steering LinkageSERVO HOOK-UP- A Team Associated steering servo was installed early on, but never hooked up. We located a Hot Racing aluminum servo saver and bolted it on with some random ball ends and Du-Bro tie-rod we found in a bin of spare hardware.

Hobbywing Stock Spec V3.1ESC INSTALL- To send power to the Duratrax 17.5T motor we installed, a Hobbywing Stock Spec V3.1 ESC was taped down right behind the Venom LiPo battery tucked into the battery box. The ESC wires needed to be soldered to the motor and a plug soldered to the battery leads. We performed the task with our TrakPower TK60 iron.

Spektrum receiver installedWRAP UP
Here’s the finished truck. A Spektrum mini receiver was taped to the lower deck and we’ll program a model into one of our Spektrum radios when we finally go to run it. In Part 5 of the build, we’ll mount up the body and go out for a drive. Perhaps we’ll also finally mention what you have to do to enter to win this one of a kind truck. Stay tuned!

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