Saturday, March 2, 2024

RC4WD Gellande II D110 Chassis Build Photo Gallery


RC4WD produces awesome scale 1/10 electric off-road truck kits and the Gelande II D110 shown here is among their newest releases. These kits are truly an awesome RC building experience as they arrive in attractive boxes with the parts housed in layers of foam as if you were buying an expensive piece of electronic or collectible. The build will be easy once you unpack the kit and find some components already assembled. A detailed instruction manual will tell you where each size screw and nut goes to make the build quick and simple. The photos below will show you most of the steps to complete the Gelande II chassis for the D110. Most of your building time may actually be taken up painting and detailing the cool factory custom D110 body. Since the hard body takes a lot of time to paint, sand, mask and paint some more, we did that while the camera was off. Enjoy the chassis build and find the full review of the RC4WD Gelande II D110 in RC Driver’s November 2015 issue.

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