Monday, April 22, 2024

RPM ESC Cage for the Castle Mamba X 8S ESC

Arrma owners will surely be interested in the latest release from the team at RPM. Shown here is the all new RPM ESC Cage for the Castle Mamba X 8S ESC that installs onto the ARRMA Kraton 8S or Outcast 8S.

RPM ESC Cage for the Castle Mamba X 8S ESC

This ESC Cage for the Castle Mamba X 8S ESC provides a solid, positive mount, keeping your new and valuable ESC locked down on your ARRMA Kraton 8S or Outcast 8S, even under the most extreme circumstances. Conveniently, the ESC can be run with or without a fan. The RPM ESC Cage encases the ESC body only, leaving the fan free for easy removal for wet running. Furthermore, there are air channels along the sides of the ESC. Air channels allow air movement and help keep the ESC cool.

Removal and installation of the Cage is a snap. The four base plate mounting screws can be accessed without removing the top cage. Additionally, RPM includes a separate, encased on / off switch RPM ESC Cage for the Castle Mamba X 8S ESCmount. The switch mount bolts directly to the cage in one of two orientations for extreme versatility. Since the switch attaches to the cage, no extra time is needed to remove it during maintenance. Now, swapping the ESC between vehicles is even easier.

Each ESC Cage is molded in black and manufactured from RPM’s ridiculously tough blend of engineering grade nylons. They’re backed by their limited lifetime warranty against breakage as well. Don’t trust your investment to double-sided tape or zip ties.

Tech Notes: The RPM ESC Cage for the Mamba X 8S ESC works with Castle ESCs from the following Castle part numbers #010-0165-00 & #010-0165-01. The RPM ESC Cage has been tested and guaranteed to fit the ARRMA Kraton 8S and Outcast 8S running the stock ARRMA Receiver Box Lid #AR320553.

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