Monday, April 22, 2024

RPM Wing Mounts for ARRMA & Durango 1/8th Scale Vehicles

RPM - Wing Mounts for ARRMA & Durango 1-8th Scale Vehicles copy

RPM Wing Mounts for the ARRMA / Durango 1/8th scale line solve the key breakage issues; primarily, the front cross brace holes were cracking. The simple solution was to eliminate this hole in favor of a flat plane of solid RPM engineering grade nylons. RPM then swept the entire mount on a curve to help add some impact flexibility when it needs it most – during a crash. When running normally, the massive amount of material used keeps the wing locked in place, providing excellent, stable down force on the rear of the vehicle.

– fits the ARRMA Kraton, Typhon & Talion
– fits the Durango DEX8, DEX8T & DNX8
– replaces stock ARRMA #AR320194
– replaces stock Durango #TD320274

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