Monday, April 22, 2024

Samix 8mm Brass Hex Adapter For The Axial SCX10-3

Aftermarket parts manufacturers Samix continues to extend their line of option parts. The latest release are these brass hex adapters for the Axial SCX10 III. These brass hexes add a total of 30g of weight to your rig. They are CNC machined and black coated along with their off-set etched onto the end. These adapters also have the spacer machined into them so they are all one piece. Nice set-up for III owners!

samix hex


1) Brass hex adapter add 30g for 4pcs. Better center or gravity and forward weight bias for climbing
2) 8mm thickness
3) Made of high quality CNC machined brass
4) Direct fit standard SCX10-3
5) Black coating to help prevent corrosion
6) Instead the stardard spacer

LINK: RCSamix.com

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