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Superior Servo Tape

Superior Servo Tape
Parma Pro Servo Tape

It’s happened to all of us at least once in our RC careers; you pull your ESC (or servo, or transponder or whatever) from the chassis and BAM…the tape rips or shreds and leaves some ghastly remnants behind. Sure, there are plenty of ways to remove it; you could grind away with a flat-head screwdriver, but then you risk scratching or marring your chassis. You could spray the tape with motor spray to get it off, but most times it just gets sticky and unmanageable. You could be like me and pull off as much as possible, then just slap another piece on top (mind you, this was in my “early” years…I don’t do this anymore!).

Superior Servo Tape

Hopefully, now that you’ve removed the tape using your own favorite method, you’re not going to reach into your pit box and re-attach your part with the same crappy tape you just removed. The editors at RCD are here to tell you that you have options. Let’s take a look at one of the products we use the most; Parma’s Pro Servo Tape (#8044).

This tape comes in a small roll measuring 1 in. x 36 in. that can be cut (using a sharp hobby knife) into different lengths and designs. You can use it to hold down your ESC, receiver, transponder, on/off switch and just about anything else you need to mount. I’ve used small strips to secure a battery in place before as well (however, I would suggest a proper battery mounting system).

Superior Servo Tape
Parma Pro Servo Tape

The most brilliant part of this tape is its construction. It has a silicone base that allows it to be extremely pliable and a heavy-duty adhesive that is very strong. The best part, though, is how simple it is to remove…just grab and pull. In most cases it will come off in one piece but even if it doesn’t, you can remove the rest with very little effort.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking; dude, it’s double-sided tape. Yes, you’re right, but if you’ve ever had to deal with the ghastly tape that most RTR’s had (or the “standard” stuff back in the day), you will side with me on this one.

Good luck, and happy taping.


  1. I am TOTALLY getting a roll. Most double sided foam servo tape is a total migraine inducer!

  2. Parma Pro Servo Tape. I have to say this tape is the best on the market.

  3. Gustave Husenitza

    It’s about time that someone came out with some good stuff.

    Great article thank you your top dog.

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