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Tamiya Land Rover Defender 90—performance boosting option parts

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Ultra scale vehicles like the Tamiya Land Rover Defender 90 are usually purchased because of how realistic they are to the real thing and extreme performance is not as important to the buyer. Something to keep in mind is that just because a vehicle is very scale in appearance does not necessarily mean you have to forgo good performance. When you are dealing with a company like Tamiya, they will typically offer Optional Hop-Up Parts for a vehicle so that you can boost its performance. This definitely holds true for the Tamiya Land Rover Defender 90 truck and here we will show you what is available.

Tamiya Land Rover Defender 90—performance boosting option parts

Tamiya Land Rover Defender 90—performance boosting option parts


Tamiya Land Rover Defender 90—performance boosting option parts
Tamiya Land Rover Defender 90—#58657

Tamiya basically scaled down a full size Defender 90 to create the 1/10-scale version shown here. The real 4WD off-road truck has a long proven history that goes back to the original Land Rover’s that were first released after WWII. This specific Tamiya truck is modeled after an early version of the Defender 90 which derived its name from the length of the wheelbase.


Tamiya executed an outstanding scale replica of the real truck in polycarbonate. The details are quite incredible on the body right down to door hinges and rivets. To further compliment the impressive polycarbonate body, there are some ABS plastic parts that are bolted on like the front grill, side view mirrors, light buckets, spare tire carrier and even roll bars. The last touch to bring the Defender to life is a set of LEDs that Tamiya now includes with the kit. There are six taillights and two LEDs for the headlights.


Underneath the Defender 90 body is Tamiya’s CC-01 chassis also known as the Cross Country. It has a tub chassis equipped with 4WD that has a metal propeller shaft driving a rear solid axle that is supported by 4-link, trailing arm suspension and an independent front suspension setup is utilized. Tamiya spec’d plastic, oil-filled shocks instead of friction shocks that are found on many other Tamiya vehicles. The drivetrain uses front and rear differentials for smooth cornering and if you like, the rear diff can be locked during assembly for better on-the-trail performance.

Tamiya Land Rover Defender 90—performance boosting option parts
Tamiya CC-01, Cross Country chassis.


The CC-01 has a solid axle rear with independent front suspension.

Item #58657
Scale: 1/10
Length: 17.99 in. (457mm)
Width: 7.87 in. (200mm)
Height: 8.43 in. (214mm)
Wheelbase: 9.53 in. (242mm)
Weight: 6.8 lb. (3.1kg)
Chassis: Molded ABS plastic tub w/ integral gearbox
Drivetrain: 4WD Enclosed gearbox
Differential: 5 gear, bevel gear diffs
Bearings: Metal and plastic bushings
Suspension (F/R): Lower H-arm w/ fixed upper camber link / 4-link trailing arm w/ solid rear axle
Shocks: Molded plastic, oil-filled w/ bladder seals
Motor: 540-brushed type
Speed control: TBLE-02S
Wheels: Matte plated plastic wheels
Tires: Authentic treaded rubber

The underside reveals the unique drivetrain setup.



RS540 Sport Tuned Motor—#53068

The first hop-up is to scrap the stock silver can motor for something with more power. The RS540 Sport Tuned Motor is 23-turn as opposed to the 27-turn stock motor. This upgrade will give your Defender faster acceleration and higher top speeds.

CC-01 Aluminum Motor Mount—#54665

When you start upgrading a vehicle to increase its performance, there will be some items that will be key to help support the go fast parts. For instance the CC-01 Aluminum Motor Mount replaces the stock plastic motor mount. Its aluminum construction is a more rigid attachment for the motor, acts as a heat sink of sorts and provides improved pinion/spur gear mesh.

AV Pinion Gear Set 20/21T—#50356

If you can only upgrade a few things at a time, consider getting this AV Pinion Gear Set. The larger pinion gears will make the stock CC-01 chassis quicker. Two pinions are included and come with the grub screw used to secure the pinion onto the motor shaft.

4WD Torque Splitter Unit—#53188

By installing the 4WD Torque Splitter Unit, the CC-01 will make cornering smoother and offer more stable running. It is installed in the front gearbox and is equipped with a one-way bearing that allows the front wheels to rotate freely when necessary.

CC-01 Assembly Universal Shaft—#54608

Making the drivetrain as efficient and friction-free as possible will yield more speed and acceleration as well as less parts wear. If you replace the stock dogbones that come with the Land Rover with a set of universal axles, you will achieve those goals. Universal axles are more efficient than the dogbones which reduces power loss that is headed out to the drive wheels. Two added benefits of adding this hop-up is that won’t fall out like a dogbone can and it is colored to resemble the type of axles you would see on a full size vehicle.

Metal Ball Bearings

Tamiya includes plastic and metal bushings on the Defender 90 which are adequate, however replacing them with quality metal ball bearings will make everything spin much smoother and have less drag in the drivetrain system. The CC-01 requires four different sizes of bearings and 18 in total. Below is a list of the bearings along with quantity of each and part numbers.

Tamiya 1150 sealed ball bearings.


  • 850 Ball Bearings (qty.3)—#42111
  • 1150 Ball Bearings (qty.11)—#53008
  • 1260 Ball Bearings (qty.2)—#53065
  • 1510 Ball Bearings (qty.2)—#42115

CC-01 Metal Plated A Parts—#54616

This last drivetrain component is essentially an appearance boosting upgrade. These parts are replicas of the stock parts yet are plated a shiny metal to give your Defender a customized look. Included in these parts are the gear cover for the front gearbox and parts to replace the rear solid axle housing.


CC-01 Aluminum Oil Damper—#54541

Switching from the stock plastic shocks to these CC-01 Aluminum Oil Dampers offer superior cushioning on harsh terrain. Each shock body is beautifully anodized silver while the shock caps are a dark titanium. Threaded bodies make it easy to adjust the dampers and they will give your ride some added style points.

CC-01 Barrel Spring Set—#54666

These barrel springs will give your chassis progressive damping and are a perfect complement to the aluminum shocks mentioned above. The design and shape of the springs will generate more resistance the further they are compressed. Once installed, you will find the Defender 90 to have a smoother ride when off-road and better handling. In the spring set are three different stiffness’s to choose from and are identifiable with colored bands.

Stroke Extension Link—#54519

This is a very clever hop-up created by Tamiya which will transform the rear suspension into having much longer stroke. This means that the Land Rover will be able to tackle more server off-road obstacles while still being able to maintain its composure. It includes all the parts needed for install along with the hardware.


Low Friction Step Screws—#54409

The Low Friction Step Screws replace all the stock 3x14mm step screws and will offer a more precise fit, with less friction and smoother movement in the parts it is adjoining. You would use them in the suspension arms and attaching the shocks.

5mm Aluminum Ball Connector—#53598

Aluminum fasteners like these ball connectors help to reduce overall weight from the chassis. Less weight gives you better performance.

CC-01 Aluminum Wheel Hub—#84429

If you are not familiar with clamping style wheel hex hubs like the ones shown here, you need to be. These aluminum units replace the stock plastic wheel hubs that can easily slide off when the wheels are removed and they can move slightly and allow the tiny shaft to slide out of the axle. They are made of durable and lightweight aluminum and securely clamp onto the axle. This set will also increase the tread on each side by 0.5mm.

Anodized Flanged Lock Nuts—#53162

The last of the fasteners are these Anodized Flanged Lock Nuts. Compared to the stock wheel nuts, these upgrade parts weigh less and will improve the looks of the CC-01. There are five nuts included in this pack.


Hi-Torque Servo Saver—#51000

By adding a Hi-Torque Servo Saver like this one from Tamiya, will give you more steering response and will help resist forces that would effect the stock unit.

Hi-Torque Servo Saver Aluminum Horn—#54121

Use this Servo Saver Aluminum Horn in conjunction with the Hi-Torque Servo Saver noted above. Machine from aluminum, it will stand up better than plastic parts and offer more precise steering response.

For more information about Tamiya products, visit: TAMIYA


Tamiya Land Rover Defender 90—performance boosting option parts

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