Sunday, December 10, 2023

Team C TM4 Build – Electronics

Team C TM4 Build – Electronics

The Build – Part 10
The Team C TM4 does not come with any electronics, so we’ll be installing our own. We’ll be using a Hobbywing Xerun 120A V3.1 Brushless ESC, Savox 6.5T Brushless Motor, Racers Edge 7.4V 75C 4000 Race Edition Short LiPo Battery and controlling it all using a Futaba 4PX Transmitter.

Team C TM4 Buggy Build Step 112
Our first step was to find out what gearing we should be using and that depends completely on what motor we’re going to run. Once you have that figured out, slide the gear on the motor and tighten down. We’ll figure the final position in a moment. Thread the motor screws in a few threads as well.

Team C TM4 Buggy Build Step 113
Slide the motor into the motor mount. If it’s difficult to do, back the motor screws off a tad and try again. Once in, you can adjust the position of the pinion. Set the gear mesh and tighten the motor screws. Note the motor wire tabs; you can to make sure those are not coming into contact with the rear top deck.

Team C TM4 Buggy Build Step 114
The receiver and ESC have mounting positions, but the final look will be up to you. As you can see, there is plenty of room for both.

Team C TM4 Buggy Build Step 115
Install the 2 orange battery posts. A drop of threadlocker will help keep the screws from backing out.

Team C TM4 Buggy Build Step 116
Assemble the battery thumbscrews. You might want a dab of threadlocker here as well.

Team C TM4 Buggy Build Step 117
Drop your battery into place and secure with the strap and thumbscrews. You can see here the notch in the upper deck we had to Dremel.

You might want to fire up the TM4 now to make sure everything is working correctly. On to the final build steps…

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