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Take On The Elements – Tekin RX4 Hard Box Electronic Speed Control

If you are a scale trail driver or a no fear rock racer, you may have notice the competition level increasing in these off-road segments. Sure, the classes are a lot of fun, but there is also a serious factor and that means drivers are looking for the best equipment to carry them through an event. Tekin a company with some serious heritage in the racing world has recently released a speed control aimed at giving these off-road drivers what they are looking for, the RX4 Hard Box. The Tekin RX4 is built tough, literally! It has a hard casing on the outside for protection. On the inside, it is no wimp either. It can handle a huge range of power system from 2-4S LiPo batteries and a wide range of motors; both brushed and brushless. All this in a water resistant package. If you’re on the hunt for an ESC that can dish out and take punishment, the RX4 might be what you’re looking for. Here we give it a mild test in a trail truck and it works extremely well, but we think the rock racers will really like it’s performance. See if the RX4 meets your specs in the video.

Product: RX4 Hard Box ESC
By: Tekin
Part Number: TT2000
Price: $199.99
Link To Buy: http://amzn.to/2sIxGcD

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