Thursday, May 30, 2024

Tekno NT48 Nitro Truggy Build Photo Gallery

NT48 Kit Box

Tekno RC continues to impress us with their vehicle offerings. We’ve recently built up the NB48, where its high-quality components and excellent engineering can really be seen within our build photos. Well we just couldn’t get enough and picked up the NT48 truggy to see if the hype continues and it does. The Tekno NT48 features an ultra-narrow chassis design with the ability to adjust weight bias by moving the engine forward or back depending on how you want to tune the race machine. Long, solid suspension arms are damped by large bore long travel shocks. Compact diffs mate up with steel driveshafts and steel brakes are used for stopping power. The NT48 truggy is packed with all of the design features and tuning options a racer could ever want in order to get them to the front of the field. Check out the NT48 in detail in our Build Photo Gallery below.

Build Notes
The NT48 went together without issue. The only thing we noticed worth mentioning were the screws supplied to attach the splash shields and fuel line clips to the tank were about 1-2mm too long. If screwed in all the way they could puncture the tank. Just make certain not to over-tighten these screws or find shorter screws and you’ll be fine.



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