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TLR 22X-4 4WD Buggy Race Kit

After a long anticipated wait, Team Losi Racing has finally released the TLR 22X-4 4WD Buggy Race Kit. This 1/10-scale, shaft-driven buggy kit is the car that racers have dreamt about.

TLR 22X-4 4WD Buggy Race Kit


TLR customers have been asking for it and now it’s finally here! 40 years in the making, the all-new Team Losi Racing 22X-4 Race Kit is here. Taking a completely different approach to a TLR 4WD buggy, the R&D team has developed an all-new platform from the ground up.

1/10 22X-4 4WD Buggy Race Kit (TLR03020)


Switching to the more reliable and versatile shaft drive design, the 22X-4 is much lighter and has improved driving characteristics while also being significantly easier to build and maintain. The 22X-4 has a combination of features second-to-none including full adjustable suspension, 2.5 milled aluminum chassis, floating servo mount, adjustable motor and battery position, carbon fiber throughout, and so much more. Designed to dominate right out of the box, the 22X-4 Race Kit is performance-oriented and podium ready.


  • TLR 22X-4 4WD Buggy Race KitShaft Drive Platform
  • Fully Adjustable Suspension
  • Premium Parts Included
  • 2.5 Milled Aluminum Chassis
  • G3 12mm Big Bore Shocks
  • All New Gear Diffs
  • Adjustable Inner Pivots
  • Optimized Suspension Composites
  • Elastomer Battery Mounting
  • Floating Servo Mount
  • Adjustable Motor and Battery Position
  • Fresh 22X-4 Body Design
  • Carbon Fiber Optimized
  • All Metric Hardware
  • TLR 6.5″ Rear Wing
  • Easy Access Diffs
  • Built-In Motor Fan Mount



TLR 22X-4 4WD Buggy Race Kit
All New Gear Diffs
Designed to be light and durable, the 22X-4 is designed with large volume bevel gear diffs for the ultimate in performance and durability. The kit includes all metal diff internals with hard anodized aluminum cross pins. Not to leave spec racers behind, composite diff internal gears as well as composite ring and pinion options are available separately.TLR 22X-4 4WD Buggy Race Kit



Floating Servo Mount
To keep the servo mount from affecting the chassis flex, the servo is mounted hanging above the chassis. The mount only secures to the chassis plate near the chassis centerline, then uses rigid 2.5mm carbon fiber to support the weight and leverage of the servo to optimize steering performance and chassis flex.


TLR 22X-4 4WD Buggy Race Kit

Easy Access Diffs
Designed to be user-friendly, the 22X-4 allows the front and rear diffs to both be removed by only removing four screws, and loosening one set screw. The diffs come out in less than a minute, and back in just as quickly.






TLR 22X-4 4WD Buggy Race Kit

Built-In Motor Fan Mount
The prevalence of high grip tracks and the 13.5 4WD class have led to the need for many racers to run motor fans to keep temperatures in check. Rather than an aluminum mount, or double-sided tape, the 22X-4 includes a molded fan mount secured to the mudguard for easy and dependable fan mounting without any extra holes in the chassis.



TLR 22X-4 4WD Buggy Race Kit


Elastomer Battery Mounting
The 22X-4 borrows from the 22 5.0’s versatile and easy to use battery hold down system. With a similar elastomer band, the battery strap hooks into the chassis front and rear allowing for different height batteries to be installed without hassle. Battery position is controlled with secured, easy to adjust battery stops both front and rear.


TLR 22X-4 4WD Buggy Race Kit

Fully Adjustable Suspension
Taking suspension tuning to a new level, the 22X-4 has adjustments for front and rear axle height, rear axle pin position, inner front and rear hinge pin position in all directions, nearly unlimited rear camber link positions, shock mounting positions, and much more. The 22X-4 can be dialed in for any surface, grip level, or driving style.

TLR 22X-4 4WD Buggy Race Kit

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