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Top RC Paint Jobs from the Pros

This article was originally published in RC Driver’s April 2015 issue.
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Who does your painting? Do you prefer to tackle it yourself or does it make you hyperventilate to think about applying your own colors? I love to do my own when time permits or when I have a very specific design in mind. All the editors here at the magazine are very capable of doing their own body painting and often do. Over the years we have used the services of many talented paint slingers. I’ve been familiar with the works of Bradley Fine Line Designs and Larry Genova of Kustom RC Graphics for a while. You are, too, if you read our magazine. I thought it would be fun to look around Facebook to see who else is out there creating Lexan works of art. I found a few I like and wanted to share them here along with some samples from the two I just mentioned.

Painting Pros 

1 Larry Genova of Kustom RC Graphics has no problem adapting his impressive designs to fit any body
2 Bradley Fine Line Design has a recognized style that is sure to induce envy among those of us not driving one of his bodies.
3 Matt Brase of MR Painting’ is not a stranger to the pages of our magazine. You make recall a Slim Jim themed Savage a while back. Matt’s designs are more impressive when you learn that he uses liquid mask and everything is cut by hand with a hobby blade.
4 I found Stiky Liks on Facebook. I liked the bold colors and crisp design. A hobby blade never touches his bodies. He designs and cuts all of his own masks from vinyl.
5 Robert Szantal of ROIN Shells on Facebook prefers to keep his designs based on actual paint schemes of full sized race cars. I love the flashy stuff but this orange, black and white theme is Smoking’!!
The Blue pickup truck shown here is proof that simple colors can produce very cool results. I found this one on Facebook as well… RC Paint by Neil.
RC Body Painting by Mikey. Also on Facebook, it seems that Mikey paints a lot of bodies for racers. The one below is strictly for show, and for good reason, however the background image on this page shows a stack of flame-themed bodies from earlier in the race season.

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