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Track Tuesdays: Dunn Raceway Park

November 17th Dunn Raceway Park

What could be more important to an RC racer than their RC itself? Well, probably not much… but, coming in at a close second place is certainly our local track we have the pleasure of calling “home.” Whether this is a simple track torn into our backyard or the local track carefully planned and taken care of, they serve a very important aspect in fulfilling a RC racer’s passion: a place to practice and have fun. Every Tuesday here at RC Driver we’ll be featuring a local track known as home to its local RC Racers and RC enthusiasts. Ever wonder what other tracks out of town are like? Or ever want your home track to be seen and known by other RC racers? Then make sure to read the latest Track Tuesdays feature and your local home track might be the next up!

Dunn Raceway Park

209 Dunn Avenue
Old Forge, Pennsylvania


Jumping from coast to coast this week, we’ll be checking out Dunn Raceway Park, in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, approximately 2 miles outside of Scranton. DRP is an indoor carpet off-road RC track that hosts weekly races plus what looks to be amazing kids’ birthday parties too! Now when DRP claims to be a premier indoor off-road R/C Racing facility, they really mean it; not including their awesome track, they also have a small parts shop, powered pit area, the latest lap counting technology, transponders for rents, R/C’s for rent, and if that wasn’t enough, you can even check in for live streaming of their weekly races. It’s safe to say that DRP is a local track that can surely fulfill the needs of many racers, from pro to beginner; so if you get a chance, why not go in for a race or maybe even just check it out live from the comfort of your computer.

November 17th Dunn Raceway Park Inside
Just a glimpse of DRP’s pro-style carpet track.

Contact Information


Dunn Raceway Park Facebook 

Tel: 570-562-6342

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