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Track Tuesdays: Island Raceway & Hobby

Island Raceway

What could be more important to an RC racer than their RC itself? Well, probably not much… but, coming in at a close second place is certainly our local track we have the pleasure of calling “home.” Whether this is a simple track torn into our backyard or the local track carefully planned and taken care of, they serve a very important aspect in fulfilling a RC racer’s passion: a place to practice and have fun. Every Tuesday here at RC Driver we’ll be featuring a local track known as home to its local RC racers and RC enthusiasts. Ever wonder what other tracks out of town are like? Or do you ever want your home track to be seen and known by other RC racers? Then make sure to read the latest Track Tuesday feature. Your local home track might be the next up!

Island Raceway & Hobby

1019 Wellwood Ave.
Lindenhurst, New York – 
Right inside the Empire state, this week’s fix for Track Tuesday brings us to Island Raceway & Hobby in Lindenhurst, New York. Island Raceway sports an indoor off-road raceway as well as a parts shop and they’re open Tuesday through Sunday with races on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Now if this track doesn’t sound like much to you, then wait until you hear the story behind Island Raceway’s opening that you’ll certainly appreciate.

Island Raceway owner, Donald Milne, had only been racing RC cars for a few months before deciding to make the experience “more streamlined and fun,” and venturing into opening his own RC track! It may not seem all that amazing but given that Island Raceway just finished celebrating their 4th anniversary this past December, a sense of admiration can be felt for Donald’s success with IRH. With weekly race nights, open track, and various events throughout the year; it’s a safe bet that IRH will certainly be around for quite some time. If you reside in the New York metropolitan area or happen to make your way through at any time we absolutely recommend you make a stop at Island Raceway & Hobby.

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Island Raceway & Hobby Facebook Page

Email:  info@islandraceway.com

Tel: (631) 592-1844


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