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Traxxas Rally

Traxxas Rally

Traxxas has started two major fads in the radio control industry. The first was with monster trucks when they released the nitro powered TMaxx. The second began with the Slash and started the current short course craze that most everyone is obsessed with. Now, it looks like Traxxas is aiming to start another, this time with the release of the Rally. The Rally, as its name suggests, is an all purpose rally car, equally at home on road and off. Fast on the ground and through the air, can the Traxxas start another hot class with the Rally? Read on and decide for yourself.

Traxxas Rally
Beefy 4mm thick turnbuckles and heavy duty telescoping driveshafts make the front end on the Rally near indestructible. The C-hub has two mounting locations for the turnbuckle to tune the Rally to any condition. The wheels mount to industry standard 12mm hex adapters.

+Waterproof electronics
+Tough shaftdriven 4WD drivetrain
+It looks great
+Fantastic power
+Built on a proven platform
+Modular design makes it easy to wrench on

+Two of the screws on the bottom of the chassis are not countersunk.


+“AA” Batteries



+The drivetrain on the Rally is identical to the Traxxas Slash 4X4. A Revo-Spec Torque control slipper clutch minimizes wheel spin and power is transferred by way of a blue aluminum shaft to the front and rear differentials. Speaking of the diffs, they are sealed and feature all-steel gears for superior wear and longevity. Once power reaches the diffs, it is transferred to the wheels by way of heavy duty telescoping driveshafts.

+You can get it wet! I love the fact that the Velineon VXL-3s speed control and 2075 steering servo are waterproof. In addition, the receiver is kept safe in a water sealed radio box. The VXL-3s speed control can handle the power of 2S and 3S LiPo battery packs and should you decide to change to a sensored type motor, there is a port ready to accept a sensor wire.

+The Traxxas Rally uses a new, low center of gravity (LCG) chassis that lowers the position of the motor, battery and other components and helps improve cornering speed and over all handling a great deal. Additionally, the motor and electronics are located on the right and the battery is on the left for excellent balance. It features a tub type design that is extremely durable and rigid so the Rally can withstand a great deal of power, jumping and tumbles.

Traxxas RaLLY
The Velineon VXL-3s speed control is exceptionally smooth and can be used with NiMH batteries as well as 2S and 3S LiPo packs. Coupled with the 3500Kv motor (10-turn) the Rally has ample power to get sideways and clear most obstacles.

+The 2-channel 2.4GHz TQi radio system that comes standard with the Rally has a 30-model memory and is very lightweight because it operates on just four “AA” batteries. For people looking to take performance and detail to the next level, there is an optional Docking Base (6510, $47.99). It allows an iPod Touch or iPhone to plug right into the TQi and provides for even more adjustments and the addition of various telemetry units.

+The body on the Rally looks great and obviously resembles that of a traditional rally car. It is available with a pre-painted blue accented body with white rims, a red accented body with white rims a green accented body with green rims and an orange accented body with orange rims. I am sure Traxxas will offer a ProGraphix body in the near future so people can quickly and easily create their own custom colored Rally!

+I really like the battery compartment. It easily accommodates the included 7-cell NiMH battery pack, but it can also fit most 2S LiPo packs and many 3S LiPo packs. An included foam block takes up extra space in the compartment area if using a shorter battery. This also allows for the battery to be mounted either more toward the front or more toward the rear of the chassis. The battery strap locks into the chassis without any body clips and can be installed to hold 23mm or 25mm thick packs in place.

Traxxas Rally
The Traxxas Rally is very easy to work on. By removing just five screws the entire front end can be removed and the rear end can be removed by removing four screws. This modular type design makes for easy repair and maintenance.

Behind The Wheel

STEERING Understeer NEUTRAL Oversteer
Being 4WD and utilizing BFGoodrich Rally Gravel inspired tires, the Traxxas Rally has phenomenal steering. It can be driven similar to a 4WD touring car with nice tight, crisp lines around corners, entering hard and getting on the throttle fast. It can also be driven at near full bore through corners, throwing it sideways similar to a true rally car. While driving it this way does not result in faster lap times so to speak, it is much more fun!

The combination of the 7-cell NiMH Traxxas Power Cell battery pack and 3500Kv Velineon brushless motor makes the Rally really get up and go! Off the line it can easily spin the wheels on loose surfaces, throwing a cool rooster tail, while on high traction surfaces, like carpet, you can hear the slipper engage to protect the drive-train. It also takes the Rally next to no time to reach full speed and it was able to gain a full head of steam well before I had to think about slowing down.

BRAKING Poor Fair Good Very Good EXCELLENT
The Rally has a good, strong linear brake. This is very important when dealing with a vehicle this fast. When applied hard, it can lock the brakes to help it avoid an obstacle or slide around a corner. It also has good mid and low range so just a blip of braking will slow the Rally down to help it navigate a tight section of a track.

Traxxas did a great job picking the oil and spring combination on the Rally. While it hugs the ground with just under an inch of clearance, it floats over surface imperfections with ease. There is minimal chassis roll when cornering hard and when landing flat off of a jump there is minimal chassis scrub.

JUMPING Poor Fair Good VERY GOOD Excellent
The Rally is able to tame most small to medium sized jumps without a problem. The only time an issue arises is when it jumps larger obstacles or if there is a steep jump. When that happens, the front of the body and bumper often scrub on the face of the jump. Likewise, if the Rally lands with too much nose down angle on a flat surface, the body and bumper can smack the ground a bit hard. The attitude of the Rally can be adjusted when in air by applying throttle or brake, but this will not always correct the car quickly enough for a smooth big air landing.

When used with the stock 7-cell NiMH battery pack and a 2S LiPo, the Rally was indestructible. The foam bumper consistently kept the front end safe and helped the body keep its form. Additionally, big jumps did nothing more than scuff the bottom of the chassis. When I ran the Rally on a 3S LiPo, I became a bit too aggressive and hit a jump too hard. This caused it to flip and land on its roof hard! The only casualty from this was a broken rear shock tower where the body mount attaches.

Traxxas Rally

Traxxas did not have to sway too far from what they are already doing successfully to create the Rally. Because of this solid foundation, it is fast, durable and fun to drive. The new chassis used on the Rally helps it perform exceptionally well and I think the body and styling are just fantastic. While this may not be the first rally on the market, the Traxxas Rally may be the vehicle to push this class to a new level of success. 

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