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VG Racing LCG Slash and Rally 4×4 Chassis Brace

VG Racing Slash 4x4 Brace



WHO IT’S FOR: Traxxas Slash 4×4 or Rally owners

PART NUMBER: VGR_LCG_Chassis_Brace_Slash4X4

HOW MUCH: $24.99

WHAT IT DOES: Reduces front to back chassis flex

REQUIRED TO INSTALL: Allen wrench set



VGRacing is well known for making roll cages for just about every available RC vehicle on the market and my first exposure to their products was when I used one of their roll cages on my project 4×4 Stampede. At the time, I was completely impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of their products and have been a fan ever since. One of their newer products, the LCG Slash and Rally 4×4 Chassis Brace, is manufactured with the same quality and attention to detail as their roll cages and is available in multiple colors including red, black, blue, fluorescent orange and fluorescent green, to match nearly any ride.

The VG Racing LCG Slash and Rally 4×4 Chassis Brace is a simple one piece design that attaches to the front of the LCG Slash and Rally 4×4 Chassis, just behind where the sway bar mounts. New, longer screws replace the stock units and are included to accommodate the thickness of the mount. The brace extends to the rear of the chassis on a slight angle and attached to the rear of the vehicle just above the gear cover. Again, new screws are included to attach the brace to the chassis. Unlike other chassis braces designed for this chassis platform, the VG Racing LCG Slash and Rally 4×4 Chassis Brace installs VERY quickly. In fact, it took me less than five minutes from start to finish to install my shiny new brace onto my Traxxas Rally 4×4. Additionally, its overall design keeps it out of the way from most internal components and wiring without sacrificing functionality.

What we liked
Very easy to install
Simple efficient design
Available in many cool colors
Includes new hardware (screws) for proper installation

What could be improved
It is difficult to access the gear cover when it is installed

Wrap Up
The VG Racing chassis brace for the LCG Slash and Rally 4×4 Chassis is well priced, easy to install, and does its job as intended.  Chassis flex is almost completely eliminated, helping reduce drag within the shaftdriven drivetrain of LCG Slash and Rally 4×4, and overall durability is taken up a notch so fear of the chassis breaking in a hard, head-on collision is almost gone. If you are looking to reduce chassis flex and increase overall durability of the LCG Slash and Rally 4×4 chassis, look no farther than the brace manufactured by VG Racing.
VG Racing  877-984-7872
Traxxas  888-872-9927

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