Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Yeah Racing Hacktronic Touring Car Brushless Combo

Yeah Racing Hacktronic Touring Car Brushless Combo

Yeah Racing has just released the Hacktronic Brushless ESC, a revolutionary ESC that allows you to switch from Touring Car to Drift Car to Crawler modes…all in one package!

Each Hacktronic ESC comes preset with 10 parameters and can be changed with the Hacktronic Program Card and Firmware Update Cable (both sold separately). This truly is one ESC that does it all!

• For: 1/10
• Support Brushless Sensored Motor
• Multi Protection System (Motor Lock, Overheat, Signal Fail)
• Comes With 25mm Cooling Fan
• User Friendly Setting Interface
• Can Swap Around to Crawler and Drift Program with Firmware Update USB Cable #HTN-303
• Extensive Range of Touring Parameters (Timing Start, Timing, Timming Interval, Turbo Delay, Turbo Timing, Turbo Interval, Drag Brake, Initial Brake, Brake Frequency, Punch, PWM)

Length: 39mm
Width: 31mm
Height: 22.5mm
Weight: 45g
Voltage Input: 4.8 – 9.9V DC, 3 – 6 Cells NiCD/NiMH 1~2-Cell LiPO / 1-3 Cell LiFe
Peak Current: 540A
Motor Limit: Over 5.5 Turns
B.E.C: 6V / 3.0A

Link: www.rcmart.com

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