Saturday, May 25, 2024

Xotik Model 1/32 XC324 Super Storm RTR Review

The new RC Driver workshop is coming together. It hasn’t been easy but we know you’re eagerly awaiting some new videos and Greg wants to deliver. So to start off this new chapter, Greg has an exclusive on a new RC car from a new RC company. The company is Xotik Model and the car is the 1/32 XC324 Super Storm RTR! The style of the car may seem very similar to some, it closely resembles a Mini 4wd, but Xotik Model has taken this style of mini racer to a new direction…RC! This has all the makings of being a fun indoor 2wd RC car for fun or a new way to hit a Tamiya Mini 4WD with control of your car right at your fingertips. If you like mini RC cars, you need to see what’s available from Xotik RC!

XC324 Super Storm RTR
By: Xotik Model
Part Number: XC324-003SS
MSRP: $79.99
Website: https://xotikmodel.com/
Super Storm- https://snp.link/9de2450d
Deisel Thunder- https://snp.link/1a9d1278
Magna Spirit- https://snp.link/24ad43d0
Replacement Parts: https://snp.link/0095919e

Shop For RC: https://snp.link/a2c1187b

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