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Xpress Dragnalo DR1S 1/10 Touring And Drag Car

From circuit racing to drag racing, the all new Xpress Dragnalo DR1S 1/10 touring and drag car has got your covered.

Xpress Dragnalo DR1S 1/10 Touring And Drag Car


Traditional touring cars are designed for use with 2s LiPo in line with a lot of the racing standards set by the racing organizations. But with the advancement in both LiPo and Brushless power Xpress Dragnalo DR1S 1/10 Touring And Drag Carsystems technology, the DR1S was designed to handle power thrown at it much higher than the traditional 2s LiPo and 540 sized motors.

The DR1S was designed with the goal to handle all of that power. From Circuit racing to drag racing and 2s LiPo to 6s LiPo, the drivetrain was designed to deal with all of these high powered systems.

For Drag racing application, this car was designed to withstand the power which the current 1/8 powerplants are able to generate. The height adjustable wheelie bar was designed to minimize launch times and stabilize the car after launch.

Xpress Dragnalo DR1S 1/10 Touring And Drag Car


  • Included motor plates to install both 540 and 1/8 motors.
  • Quick gear mesh adjustment to fine tune gearing without the pain of disassembling the entire drivetrain.
  • The wide stance motor mount with 5x10x4 center layshaft bearing provides a more secure power delivery for the drivetrain. This will ensure drivetrain durability under high power application.
  • The DR1S was designed to run with 1/10th foam tires. Without modifying suspension offset, the DR1S will be able to fit 220mm bodies.
  • 6mm wide rear belt to handle the immense amounts of power under load.
  • Front bumper weight system to keep the front end stable under heavy acceleration
  • Standard 44t 32p spur gear with a standard 38/20 internal drive of 1.9
  • Shares a majority of part as the popular Xpress Execute line up (XQ2s, XQ1s, XQ10).
  • Optional Front & Rear Differential or Spool available.
  • The wheelie bar features both height and length adjustment for use with different tire diameters and body heights.
  • Updated suspension arms for use with wide foam tires for drag racing.

Xpress Dragnalo DR1S 1/10 Touring And Drag Car

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